Signs Your Wedding Band Needs Repair or Replacement

You finally got your wedding ring and it is everything you have ever dreamed of! The diamond is clear and glistens, the band is shiny and smooth and makes your finger looks elegant. But most of all, the ring symbolizes the eternal love you have for your spouse. Your love is forever but your ring may not last forever. Like all material items, rings can go through some wear and tear. With time, your ring may not glisten or shine the way it did on your wedding day. 

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How to Choose Men's Wedding Bands

Until recently, mens’ wedding rings were something of an afterthought, and it’s not a surprise considering that it didn’t even become customary for men to regularly wear wedding bands until World War I. Since then, men’s wedding rings have typically been quite predictable and pretty consistent in their appearance and band material. There was some customization, but for the most part, the groom’s ring was a given, but it shouldn’t be, and thankfully this isn’t the case anymore!

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Choosing a Wedding Band After Your Engagement

Congratulations on your engagement! We're sure it was special and that the excitement of wedding planning is starting to set in. This is such a great season of life, and we hope you enjoy every moment.

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