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Signs Your Wedding Band Needs Repair or Replacement

Posted by Bianca Azevedo on Jun 13, 2023 3:30:48 PM

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You finally got your wedding ring and it is everything you have ever dreamed of! The diamond is clear and glistens, the band is shiny and smooth and makes your finger looks elegant. But most of all, the ring symbolizes the eternal love you have for your spouse. Your love is forever but your ring may not last forever. Like all material items, rings can go through some wear and tear. With time, your ring may not glisten or shine the way it did on your wedding day. 


Signs Your Wedding Band Needs Attention

Here are some signs that you should be on the lookout for when it comes to figuring out if you need a wedding band replacement or repair.

The Band Has Tarnished

Depending on the type of metal your wedding band is made out of, chances are that with time, the band will tarnish. Wedding bands are susceptible to tarnish since most people wear them every day. With everyday wear, the ring becomes exposed to elements such as air, water, and food, which can cause the ring to tarnish. The signs of tarnish are easy to spot as it will be a much darker color than the original color of your ring.

If you notice that your ring is far darker than it was on your wedding day, there is no need to fear! Jewelry tarnish is reversible. All you would have to do is bring your ring to one of our jewelry repair experts and have them polish it for you. While this does not happen often, if the tarnish is really stubborn and won’t come off, then replacing the wedding band is another option.

The Band Lost Its Shape

Sometimes rings lose their perfect circular shape for a variety of reasons. For example, rings usually tend to bend because of physical pressure that gets exerted on them, such as when you hit your ring finger against a hard surface. The ring may also simply lose shape because of the wear and tear that daily wear wreaks upon the band.

When that happens, all you need to do is bring the ring to our jewelry repair expert and they will shape the ring back to its original form. If the ring proves difficult to reshape, then replacing the band is recommended.

The Band Breaks

No matter what metal is used in your wedding band, it is still susceptible to erosion and metal fatigue. Erosion can occur when metals come into contact with substances that are much harder than themselves. Metal fatigue usually occurs when metal is bent and flexed so many times that the metal just gives up completely. Both erosion and metal fatigue are gradual processes that occur over a long period of time. A lot of the time, many people do not notice that their wedding band is eroding until it is too late.

However, not all hope is lost. Broken jewelry can be easily repaired by a jewelry repair expert. If the piece is unable to be fully repaired, then replacing the band is not a problem.

The Band Gives You Ring Rash

Ring rash is when you develop a bumpy, red, itchy rash underneath the wedding band. Some of the causes of ring rash can be nickel allergy, bacteria buildup, or irritation from moisture and soap.

If your ring rash is a result of nickel allergy, then you may want to consider getting your band repaired. Many gold and white gold bands contain trace amounts of nickel. A jewelry repair expert can coat the band with rhodium. The rhodium will form a barrier between your skin and the nickel in the ring.

At Grogan, we care about the upkeep of your jewelry. If you encounter any problems with your wedding band or any other piece of jewelry you own, make sure to bring it to any of our locations. Our expert jewelers will repair your wedding band so well that no one would ever guess that you got your ring repaired.