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How to Choose Men's Wedding Bands

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Apr 29, 2020 2:47:16 PM

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Until recently, mens’ wedding rings were something of an afterthought, and it’s not a surprise considering that it didn’t even become customary for men to regularly wear wedding bands until World War I. Since then, men’s wedding rings have typically been quite predictable and pretty consistent in their appearance and band material. There was some customization, but for the most part, the groom’s ring was a given, but it shouldn’t be, and thankfully this isn’t the case anymore!

Men's wedding bands are just as important as the bride's, and here’s how you can make sure that you are providing the groom with the luxury of finding that special ring too!

Finding a Men's Wedding Band to Fit Your Style

Most men are content with choosing a simple or classic wedding band, most likely out of tradition, but is that what they actually want? Have they taken the time to explore and determine if that's the style they want for the rest of their life? Choosing a ring style that complements your personal style is incredibly important because that ring is going to be staying on your finger, and you are going to be wearing it with every outfit you put on, and to every event, you are ever going to attend. Whether it’s a black-tie event or a regular day on the ranch, that ring just has to work, so it's important to think about what it’s going to take to make you want to keep it on in every situation.

Different Bands, Materials, and Stones

When thinking about your lifestyle and your style, one of the most important decisions you can make has to do with the metal (or non-metal) your wedding ring is made of.

The all-time classic is the yellow gold wedding band for men. This classic can be a great choice, but if you want something that's more unique to you, try looking at other options. You may be surprised at which wedding bands you resonate with and could see yourself wearing for the rest of your life.

Men who have active lifestyles or work in service positions are starting to opt for silicone rings that fit securely on their fingers and never get caught on loose objects or clothing. Men who work in industries where their ring will need to be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear, usually opt for titanium rings. Men who live more of a luxe lifestyle or are business professionals like to lean toward gold metals and diamonds, or other more detailed/ornate designs. Tungsten Carbide and even wood are also popular choices for men’s rings these days, so feel free to explore all your options.

Choosing the Correct Wedding Band Size

Choosing a wedding band for a man is different than choosing a wedding band for a woman. Women can usually guess their ring size pretty well, but men will want to go in-person to a jewelry store to get their finger sized. This can be done for free!

The biggest consideration for men, when it comes to wedding band size, is the width. A very common ring width for men has always been a diameter of 8mm, but that's not necessarily the width that every man should just default to. Men all have very different hands and finger sizes, and what may look good on one man may not look good on you. Narrow bands tend to work well for men with thin or small fingers, and wide bands tend to work well for men with large hands and big fingers. When you go in to try rings, we recommend trying different widths to see what looks best on you, because you just won't know for sure until you see it on your finger!

Another good tip to keep in mind is to have your ring size assessed when your hands are neither too hot, nor too cold, and make sure to ask about standard fit, and comfort fit bands. Standard bands are flat on the inside, while comfort fit bands are more rounded.

Matching Wedding Bands

Many couples ask the question, "Should our wedding bands match?"

That completely depends on your preference! If you are a sucker for tradition, go for matching bands. But it's also possible for brides and grooms to choose wedding bands that are unique to them that can still match or complement their partner's wedding band. For example, your rings can be made of the same material, have a similar engraving, stone color, or shape. Some couples also choose to have two bands for the groom; one that matches the bride's wedding band, and one that he can wear for everyday use. Men's wedding bands are in general very affordable, so for many couples, this option makes sense!

And for the groom who prefers not to wear his wedding band every day, some wedding bands can be worn for special occasions only, much like many brides who choose to utilize their engagement rings in the same way.

You can also choose to be that couple that throws tradition out the window, and chooses non-matching rings that are completely unique to your own individual style and taste. Many couples choose to let their uniqueness shine through their wedding bands, and come up with creative ways to showcase them in their wedding photography too!

Who Pays?

Traditionally, who pays for the groom’s ring? Well since men’s wedding rings have only been a tradition for less than a hundred years, and men’s wedding bands are usually much less expensive than the bride’s, it’s totally up to you! Some couples go dutch, some couples make the purchase together, and some couples opt for having the bride purchase the men’s band, while the groom purchases the bride’s engagement ring and band, and every combination in between!

At the end of the day, what's important is that you are true to yourself in your decision. Choosing a ring that makes sense for your lifestyle, personal style, and is unique to you, is totally in your hands!

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