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Mother’s Day Gifts for First-Time Moms

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Apr 19, 2023 2:55:52 PM

When a woman has a child, she gains a new title. She goes from not only a daughter, sister, friend, or wife, to a mother. Gaining this title will be one of the most emotional experiences in her life. She’s more exhausted than ever, but more in love and fulfilled than she imagined possible. People get to celebrate birthdays and Christmas every year of their life. Mother’s Day, on the other hand, isn’t celebrated until later in life. The new mom experiencing her first Mother’s Day will probably be overcome with emotion and gratitude for the new stage she is in. So the question is, what can you get her to commemorate this special day? Here is a jewelry gift guide for first-time moms.

Charm Bracelet

If you are the sentimental type that loves to build on gifts, a charm bracelet is a perfect choice. Giving the first-time mom a charm bracelet with a charm that represents her first Mother’s Day is a brilliant move. A great way to start is to get her a charm with the first letter of her child’s name. She is sure to love the thoughtful charm bracelet!

Then, your Mother’s Day gifts for the foreseeable future are picked out. All you need to do is find a different charm each year. You could even find a charm that represents a milestone for each year of your child’s life. For example, on her third or fourth Mother’s Day, what better charm than a soccer ball, since your child is sure to be in a toddler league! The bracelet will be a prized possession, as it will tell the story of her motherhood journey, year by year.

Birthstone Gifts

One special gift to get a new mom is a piece of jewelry with the birthstone of her child. Not only are birthstones gorgeous, but they are also sentimental, and she is sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

For example, the Sterling Silver Nuova Popcorn Link Gemstone Bracelet would be a great gift. This bracelet is very fashionable, with the thick silver bracelet and the contrasting gemstones in a thin row. She is sure to love the subtle pop of color and placement of the gemstones.

If you are looking to get her earrings, you can’t go wrong. Grogan Jewelers has endless styles with all different birthstones. One of our favorites is the Shy Creation Diamond and Blue Sapphire 14k White Gold Stud Earrings. While they are studs, there are three stones, making this a uniquely trendy earring that is perfect for a new mother. On the other hand, if you want a pair of earrings that is trendy right now, we recommend huggie earrings. Grogan has the Dvani Diamond Huggies with different birthstones in them. This is a gorgeous, thoughtful gift that a new mom is sure to love!

Symbolic Gifts

Another gift you could give to the new mother is a symbolic gift. For example, we recommend a Hasma Bracelet. Hasma bracelets are said to protect against evil, while also symbolizing fertility and fortune. What better message is there for a new mom? The Shy Creation Diamond & Emerald 14k Rose Gold Hamsa Bracelet could not be a more perfect gift. Not only does it have a birthstone, but the symbolic nature of this gorgeous and trendy bracelet can’t be beaten. It also comes with other gemstones and can be purchased in white or yellow gold. She is sure to love the sentimentality and thought you put into this gift.

Similarly, you could go with the John Hardy Classic Chain Black Sapphire Pave Station Bracelet. This unique piece of jewelry has two circles that are connected together, which can symbolize the eternal and unbreakable bond between the new mother and her baby. The circles are different in pattern, but complement one another beautifully, just like a mother and baby.

Initials Gifts

One of the most exciting decisions that a new mom gets to make is what to name her baby. Lots of time and effort probably went into making this choice. What better gift to get a new mom than a piece of jewelry with the initial of her new child’s first name? One piece we love is the Lafonn Jewelry has two different styles of initial pendant necklaces. One is a simple, clear, bold initial, while the other is a fancier, cursive initial pendant. Grogan Jewelers carries both styles, and both come with every letter, so you’re covered no matter what the new mom in your life named her child. The final initial necklace option is quite different than the other two. The Siver 18k Popcorn Initials Letter Necklace is gorgeous.

Mom Gifts

To commemorate the woman in your life becoming a mother, what better gift than to give her a piece of jewelry that says “Mom” on it? While this might sound tacky at first, Grogan has two gorgeous options that are quite fashionable. First is the 16K Curvy Heart Pendant. Jewelry that has two different types of metals is in style right now, so this white and yellow gold heart necklace that spells “Mom” in diamonds is a perfect choice. She will love showing this piece off to all of her friends, not only because it has her new and beloved title of “Mom,” but also because the piece is so trendy.

A slightly more traditional option is the MOM Cutout Heart Round Cut Diamond Pendant With Link Chain in 10K White Gold. Stylishly cut, the word Mom covers the hollow center of the heart pendant, with the letter 'O' extending out of the heart and curling in a swirl. The new mom is sure to cherish this gift for the rest of her life.

A Gift from the Baby

One creative idea is to pick out a gift for the first-time mom and say it is from her new child. While the child cannot express it in words, the child loves their mom more than anything. The mom is the source of comfort, protection, safety, food, warmth, and so much more. Getting the new mother a Luv Me bracelet from their new child, along with a note “from the child” thanking the new mother for all she’s done would be an adorable idea she’s sure to love. The bracelet comes in different color metals and with many different color heart options, so you are sure to find one in her favorite color.

Other Gift Considerations

While you can’t go wrong with jewelry, there are a few important factors to consider when buying for the first time mom. For example, make sure to keep her style in mind while you shop. Also, consider what type of jewelry would be practical for a mother.

Her Style

Whatever you choose to commemorate her first Mother’s Day, she will love. Most likely, she will want to wear this piece of jewelry every day. With that in mind, try to find something that is her style. You want to find something special, but also something she feels comfortable wearing each day. If she always wears white gold, stick with that metal. If she likes stud earrings the best, don’t pick something out of left field and get her large hoops. Get her a nice, new piece of jewelry that matches what you know she likes. If you’re not sure, ask her! It’s better to get her something you know she’ll love than to surprise her with something she tolerates.


Another aspect to keep in mind when selecting jewelry for a new mom is practicality. Babies love to grab onto things and yank, so maybe dangling earrings and long necklaces are not a great choice right now. The last thing you want is that tiny hand getting a vice-grip on her nice new jewelry and hurting her. For the first-time mom, try shorter necklaces, stud earrings, or tighter bracelets.

On the other hand, you could get the new mom a more extravagant piece of jewelry that she is meant to wear out, and not around her new baby. After giving birth, her whole life will change. Gone are the days of spontaneous date nights and fancy parties. Cute dresses are often replaced with comfortable sweats, and accessories get replaces with spit-up rags. While motherhood is a beautiful journey, it can also be quite difficult to feel as though you’ve lost a piece of yourself. When gifting jewelry for Mother’s Day, you can give her a little piece of her old life back. Throw caution to the wind, and get the long, pendant necklace or the large drop earrings. Her whole life is now revolving around the schedule of a baby, but her jewelry choices don’t necessarily have to.

Whatever you choose as far as practicality, keep your woman in mind. Think about what she loves, what she appreciates, what she’s given up, and when you think she would like to wear the jewelry. Then, it will likely become clear to you what jewelry selection is best for her.

Get in Touch With Grogan Jewelers

No matter what style of jewelry gift you’re thinking of, Grogan Jewelers will have the perfect gift for you. Grogan has an extensive selection, all of which the new mother would love. If your goal is to get her something gorgeous, that she will cherish for the rest of her life, you can’t go wrong with Grogan Jewelers.

Grogan Jewelers also offers beautiful custom designs. If you have something in mind, but can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, consider a custom piece. You can start with a setting or a stone, and create something uniquely beautiful. Contact Grogan Jewelers today to find the perfect piece!