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All About Pearl Jewelry

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on May 15, 2023 4:27:27 PM

June is a month of happiness. The sun shines brightly, as the cold, grey days of winter fade. Trees are filled with flowers, the sun stays out later, school is ending, and kids are getting the sweet taste of freedom. June kicks off the summer birthday season, and with that, come the birthstone pearls.

History of Pearls

Pearls are an incredibly unique gemstone. Not only are they the only gemstone to come from the sea instead of from the land, but they are also the only gemstone to come from a living organism. Because it comes from a living thing, it is classified as organic. Requiring no cutting or polishing, it is one of the most naturally gorgeous gemstones. Their allure and beauty have captivated civilizations throughout time, making them one of the most valued and sought-after gems in many cultures.

Pearls have fascinated people for centuries with their timeless beauty and mystery. These shiny gems from the sea have been used in jewelry for a very long time. They were highly valued and considered one of the most precious gems in many cultures until the 20th century.

During the Byzantine Empire, there were strict rules about who could wear pearls. Only the emperor was allowed to wear them, making them even more desirable. Other societies had their own rules too, deciding who could and couldn't wear these little treasures. In sixteenth-century England, pearls were very important and known as the "Pearl Age" because they were a symbol of high status and wealth.

In the early 1900s, people in Asia discovered a way to make pearls more accessible. They learned how to create cultured pearls by putting a small object inside a living oyster. The oyster then formed a pearl around the object. This made it possible to produce pearls in oyster farms, making them available to more people.

People in the past had different beliefs about how pearls were created. Some thought they were tears from the sky, while others believed they came from the brain of a dragon or were formed from dew drops. Pearls were also believed to have special powers. In ancient texts, they were said to bring good luck and prosperity. Some cultures thought pearls could help with digestion problems and bleeding. Even in the 19th century, some believed that pearl powder could improve eyesight and help with depression.

Today, pearls continue to be admired and inspire people. They are used in all kinds of jewelry, from classic necklaces to modern earrings. Pearls have a long history and have always been loved for their beauty. They have a special place in our hearts and will continue to be treasured for many years to come.

Symbolism of Pearls

Pearls are more than just beautiful gems; they carry deep symbolism and meaning across cultures. One of the most common associations with pearls is their representation of purity. Just as a pearl is formed within an oyster, untouched by the outside world, it is seen as a symbol of innocence and cleanliness. This purity symbolism makes pearls a popular choice for special occasions like weddings or religious ceremonies, where purity and sanctity are celebrated.

Pearls also convey elegance and sophistication. Their smooth, lustrous surface exudes a timeless beauty that has captivated people for ages. Wearing pearls can add a touch of grace and refinement to any outfit, making them a symbol of class and style.

Beyond their material value, pearls have deeper meanings in various cultures. In some traditions, pearls are believed to bring good luck and protection. They are thought to ward off negative energy and bring harmony and balance into one's life. In other cultures, pearls symbolize wisdom and knowledge, reflecting the idea that true wisdom comes from within, just like a pearl formed within an oyster.

Pearls also hold sentimental value and are often passed down through generations. They become cherished family heirlooms, connecting loved ones and preserving memories. The significance of pearls as an heirloom reflects the enduring bond of family and the timeless nature of love.

In literature and folklore, pearls have been featured as symbols of wisdom and transformation. Pearls are sometimes portrayed as rewards for overcoming challenges or as tokens of enlightenment. These stories remind us of the inner strength and personal growth that can be achieved through life's journey.

Types of Pearls

There are different types of pearls that come in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Natural pearls are formed without any human intervention. They are quite rare and highly valued. Cultured pearls, on the other hand, are created with the help of people. These pearls are made by inserting a small object, called a nucleus, into an oyster. Freshwater pearls are cultivated in freshwater environments such as lakes and rivers. They often come in a range of colors, like white, pink, or lavender.

Akoya pearls are known for their lustrous appearance and are typically white or cream-colored. Tahitian pearls are famous for their dark shades like black, gray, or green, and they are cultivated in the beautiful islands of French Polynesia. South Sea pearls are among the largest and most valuable pearls. They are grown in the warm waters of the South Pacific and have a natural golden hue. Each type of pearl has its own unique characteristics, making them all special and captivating in their own way.

Shopping for Pearls

Pearls are timeless stones that will never go out of style. As such, pearls are one of the safest and easiest gifts to give. Whether you are looking for a bracelet, a necklace, or earrings, you cannot go wrong with pearls.

Pearl Necklaces

Every woman needs a pearl necklace. One simple, yet elegant option is the Lafonn Jewelry Cultured Freshwater Pearl Necklace. This necklace sold by Grogan Jewelers is an adjustable, beautiful necklace. The necklace alternates between Freshwater Pearls and Simulated Diamonds.

A highly fun and unique option is Lafonn’s Mother-of-Pearl necklace. This yellow-gold butterfly pendant has pearls set into the body and wings. Simulated diamonds line the edges of the wings, bringing this beautiful piece together.

Finally, this pearl necklace has a halo of diamonds encircling it. This sophisticated and elegant necklace features a round 7mm Pearl in the center of a carved edge mount that is suspended from a thin pear shape bar. 16 pave set round cut diamonds to form a halo around the Pearl. The bar holding the lattice mount is embellished with 4 pave set round cut diamonds.

Pearl Earrings

In every jewelry collection, pearl earrings are a staple. Whether they are pearl studs or pearl drop earrings, they are a must-have for fancy events.

A classic, pearl stud earring is a great gift for anyone with a June birthday. We have two favorite pearl stud earrings at Grogan Jewelers. Together, Pearls and diamonds create timeless styles, just as we see in this lovely pair of earrings. It is a simple and elegant pair of earrings, with Pearls and diamonds adding to its beautiful aura. The earring features a small bar suspended and attached to a Pearl ball at the base. A push-back clasp closure attaches to the bar suspension and offers ease of use. The second pair of pearl studs are the June Birthstone Earrings. These earrings are pearl studs with a simulated diamond halo with a sterling silver base. This is a simple, practical piece of jewelry, perfect for any woman with a June birthday.

If you want to give a pearl earring that has a little more flair, consider pearl drop earrings. For example, we love these diamond-cut drop pearl earrings. They are sophisticated and unique, complementing a variety of occasions.

Pearl Bracelets

If you are trying to shop for a woman with a June birthday, who seemingly has every piece of jewelry she could ever need, we have the perfect suggestion for you! Take a look at Grogan Jeweler’s pearl, June birthstone bracelets. Many women will already have pearl earrings and necklaces, but pearl bracelets are not as common in jewelry collections. We absolutely love this June Birthstone Halo Cuff bracelet by Lafonn. The bracelet is a stackable, sterling silver bangle bracelet. On each end are pearls with a diamond halo.

Another beautiful option is the 14K Gold Bangle Bracelet with Pearls. This unique style gives the yellow-gold color with bright white pearls on each end. It can be paired with almost any outfit, making it the perfect accessory for any occasion.

Colored Pearls

If you are looking for a unique gift, consider shopping for colored pearls. Usually, when we think of pearls, we think of a white or cream-colored round stone. However, there are many other colors of pearls that you can purchase.

One elegant option is the Cultured Black Pearl Drop Earrings. This incredible combination of white gold, diamonds, and black pearls are sure to be the most unique pair of earrings your woman has ever seen. You could also go for a traditional pearl stud but with a colorful twist. These Akoya Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings are a marbled coloring of black, grey, and dark green.

While these earrings do not have colored pearls, they do have a pop of color around the pearls, making the earrings stand out. This combination of four freshwater pearls and five, colored, lab-grown sapphires is a fun twist on stud earrings.

Pearls at Grogan Jewelers

If a woman in your life has a June birthday, head over to Grogan Jewelers today. Whether you are shopping for your mother, sister, daughter, wife, or friend, Grogan Jewelers will have the perfect pearl birthstone piece. The pearl's history, combined with its symbolism, makes it a perfect gift. If you are local in Nashville, stop into one of Grogan’s brick-and-mortar locations. If not, check out our website, and order your pearls today!