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Planning the Perfect Proposal

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Jun 29, 2023 11:27:52 AM

Congratulations!! You’ve found the girl of your dreams and are ready to do the one thing you never thought you would: propose! While this is an incredibly exciting time, it can also be scary and overwhelming. A lot of money and planning goes into proposing, so this step-by-step guide will point you in the right direction.

Ask for permission

First things first, you may want to start by asking her father, or another prominent person in her life, for her hand in marriage. Even if you are not overly traditional and you don’t think it’s necessary, it is a way for you to show respect to her family and start out on the right foot. The last thing you want to do is catch her family off-guard and leave them feeling any sort of resentment. Plus, this step will prove something to your fiance. It shows her that you are respectful and willing to take initiative. Her family is probably incredibly important to her, and getting their blessing will go a long way.

Get the ring size

Once you have her family's blessing, you can start planning the ring. Before you can pull the trigger and buy the ring, you will absolutely need to know her ring size. This can be tricky if you want to make the proposal a complete surprise because bringing this topic up without raising suspicion is nearly impossible. We think the best way to go about this is to ask her best friend. Best friends talk and know things about each other, and there’s a good chance that she will know your girlfriend’s ring size already.

If you don’t want anyone else to know you’re going to propose, there are definitely subtle or sneaky ways to find out her ring size. If she wears jewelry, you can look at one of her other rings and trace the size–just be sure it’s one she wears on her ring finger and not her pinky. If she’s a heavy sleeper, you can get a string, wrap it around her finger, and measure it. Be sure to measure the correct finger–the fourth finger on her left hand. You could also make a game where you play twenty questions. You each get to write down ten questions and put them in a bowl. Take turns drawing questions and both answering them. Hopefully, you’ll be so wrapped up in good conversation that the ring-size question doesn’t stand out above the others.

Buy the ring

One of the most exciting parts of a proposal is the ring. Picking the perfect ring is essential! There are so many different styles, colors, and sizes to choose from, and it can be overwhelming to start shopping for a ring. Luckily, Grogan Jewelers is here to help. Grogan Jewelers has a wide variety of gorgeous options at every price point. Whether you want white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold; diamonds or another precious stone; or a solitary, classic style, halo, or vintage, Grogan Jewelers will have the perfect ring for you.

Another element to keep in mind is the setting of the ring. Talk to your girlfriend about what she likes and wants in a ring. Be sure you’re getting something that she will love and that will be practical for her lifestyle. If your girlfriend is active and works with her hands a lot, a large solitary stone might not be the most practical choice. But, at the same time, if her heart is set on a large solitary stone despite her lifestyle, that is important to know! Even if you want the proposal to be a surprise, you’ll still want to have a conversation with your girlfriend about her preferences. Or, at least talk with her best friend or mom and ask them to have the conversation and fill you in. You could also take her into a jewelry store and get an idea of the style that she likes. Choosing a ring she loves is essential.

Once you figure out what type of ring your girlfriend wants, figure out your price point. Do you want to buy the ring right now with the money you have? Do you need time to come up with the money? If you do want to spend a lot of money on the ring, figure out a plan to save up or a plan to finance the ring. Once you have a ring in mind, as well as a price point and financing plan, you will have a better idea of a realistic timeline. Once you have a plan for purchasing the ring and a timeline of when you will be able to pick it up, you can move forward with planning the moment you’ll get down on one knee to pop the question!

Choose the time & place

Once you have permission from her father and you have the ring, you can propose at any moment! Think through when and where you want to propose. Be sure to take into consideration her preferences and comfort levels. For example, if she is shy and doesn’t want to be the center of attention, a huge public proposal probably isn’t the best idea. If it is the middle of the winter and freezing cold, making her stand outside or walk outside for a long time might not be the best idea. Just think through her interests, her personality, and the weather. If you live in Nashville, or a planning a trip to the area, there are some wonderful places to pop the question. There are amazing indoor and outdoor locations that will work for any couple. Whatever you decide is sure to be the most special moment that she will never forget!

Think about what to say

Even if you don’t feel nervous, when it comes time to get down on a knee, you will be. So many men say that their mind goes blank or they’re super shaky in the moment, even if they were comfortable and calm twenty minutes before. You don’t need to have a long, eloquent speech planned out, but definitely think about what you are going to say. Have a couple of main points that you want to touch on, and practice out loud a few times. When you take a knee and your mind goes blank, having practiced will make your words automatic. You’ll want your mind to default to saying, “I love you, and I would be honored if you would be my wife,” rather than going blank and blurting out, “I got you this!” and showing her the ring. Whatever you say will get the job done and will be special to her, but you want to walk away feeling confident and, like you said everything you wanted to.

Plan the details

Even though you have the time and place in mind, there are still other details to think through. These small details are the ones that oftentimes get overlooked but will make the day absolutely perfect.

Her outfit

The first detail to think through is her outfit. Even if it doesn’t matter to you what she wears, I promise it matters to her! Once you pop the question, she’s going to want a lot of pictures taken. If she isn’t wearing makeup or is wearing sweatpants, she’s going to be very annoyed with you. Similarly, she’s going to want to take pictures of her hand with the gorgeous ring on it. If she’s the type of girl who usually has her nails done, make sure they’re done. Part of your plan could be sending her and her bestie to get their nails done that morning or the day before the proposal. She’s going to be so proud to show off her new bling to all of her friends and family, and her nails being done will make it look that much better!

The photos

A proposal is a huge deal! It is a moment that neither of you will ever forget. You are going to want photos to capture the day and the moment. Think through who will take these pictures. If you want the big moment to just be the two of you, that’s great! But, just know that means you’ll have to settle for selfies afterward. Think about, not only what is important to you, but what’s important to her as well. If you want pictures of the actual proposal, do you want a friend or family member to be there taking pictures? Do you want to hire a photographer? Do you want it known that there is someone taking pictures or do you want them hidden? These are all details to think through and decide on.

After events

Once you pop the question, emotions are going to be really high. You’ll feel a massive sense of relief, pride, and happiness. She will feel overly excited and joyful. The last thing either of you will want to do is go home, sit on the couch, and binge Netflix. You will want to go out, tell people, and celebrate! So, after you’ve planned the proposal, be sure to plan what to do after. Do you want to go to a restaurant, just the two of you, and order champagne? Do you want to get friends and family together for an after-party?

Enjoy the moment

Once you’ve asked permission, gotten the ring, and planned the proposal, it’s time for you to follow through on the plans! The day of the proposal will be high emotion for you and might go by faster than you expect. Be sure to take time to slow down and breathe, so you can remember this special day. If things don’t go exactly to plan, that’s okay. No matter how much we plan something, there are always elements out of our control. Don’t let little bumps in the day ruin your attitude. At the end of the day, you’ll be engaged, even if your plan doesn’t play out exactly how you imagine it. Enjoy every single moment of the day, because it will be a day that you tell your grandkids about!

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