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Perfect Jewelry Gifts for Him

Posted by Ashley Huston on Dec 20, 2017 2:23:14 PM

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If you’re anything like me you’re racking your brain each year about what to get the man in your life because let’s be honest men don’t need as much as we women do. Typically the things they want are out of a Christmas pricing budget… ie. a new car, a boat, all the outrageous expensive things. If a man wants a new suit or whatnot they’ll get it themselves and more than likely they’ll want to pick it and get it tailored etc. The thing about gifts for your significant other is we’re so conditioned to think the jewelry is for the women but news flash… men like it too. 

They like nice things just as much as we do. If you’re looking for a bomb gift that’s gonna impress your guy I have a few options for you. Also these are gifts you can pick up right here locally for my last-minute shoppers at Grogan Jewelers by Lon. They also gift wrap and everything.

  1. Watches.

    This is by far the front-runner. My hubs loves a good watch. He has a watch box with all of his faves. Also don’t feel like you have to spend a ton on a fancy new watch on him. While Matt does have really nice watches, he also has a collection of watches that didn’t cost our first-born. He wears these during daily activities and switches them out often depending on what he’s wearing. He also has a couple really nice watches that he wears for important events or nights out. A watch is the ultimate thoughtful gift. Plus they are classic pieces that will be timeless years down the road and can eventually turn into heirlooms.

  2. Bracelets.

    Bracelets have become a very big trend for men. Men have always been known to wear cufflinks and watches but lately men are becoming very comfortable wearing bracelets, necklaces and even brooches. Bracelets for men give them the opportunity to accessorize and show a bit of their style. They can also be stacked like the ones pictured above and also paired with a nice watch.

  3. Rings.

    Yes, men can wear rings other than their class ring or wedding band. I get that a lot of styles may not be to most men’s tastes and style but there are still options (including custom jewelry). Again when I met my husband he wore a very nice ring on his right hand and instead of buying a new one, he moved that ring to his left hand when we got married because he loved it so much. I think to play it safe keep the design simple but it’s definitely a winning option.

  4. Cufflinks. Most men are gonna wear a suit at some point in their lives but A LOT of men wear them weekly for work, even daily. Cufflinks are a great gift because it’s a way for a man to add some flair or something special to their suit without feeling girly or overboard. Also cufflinks make a solid Christmas gift because you know your guy is gonna wanna wear them for New Year’s Eve.

When you do your holiday shopping this year and any of these ideas have caught your eye, just know you can always shop at Grogan’s online. However my personal advice is to browse the jewelry in person. There are also so many more options in store and sometimes it really takes seeing them in person to really feel the quality of the jewelry piece. Now is also the PERFECT time to shop with the Amazing sale they have going on.


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