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Unique Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Combos

Posted by Bianca Azevedo on Dec 28, 2017 10:00:00 AM

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It finally happened: you just got engaged and are now trying to plan your perfect wedding. In the midst of all the planning, you may have thought about what type of wedding band to get that would make the best match for your engagement ring.

You’re in luck! We took the time to make a list of some beautiful engagement ring and wedding band combos that are going to look amazing on your ring finger for years to come.


White Gold + Diamonds

If white gold and diamonds fit your aesthetic to a T, then you’re in luck. Our 14k white gold engagement ring and our 14k white gold diamond ring are the perfect combinations! When worn together, the rings will give your finger an elegant look that will certainly get people talking.

Rose Gold Fun

Rose gold is a relatively new trend in engagement and wedding rings, but it’s certainly a trend we welcome. If you love rose gold, we have the perfect pieces for you! Our 14k rose gold engagement ring goes perfectly with our 18k rose gold wedding band! The simplicity of the wedding band balances out the glamour of the engagement ring. Together, this combo makes for an elegant rose gold pairing that will garner attention and talk for sure!

Solitaire and Band

If you’re someone who likes their jewelry to be simple and elegant, then we have two rings that will go perfectly together. Our 14k white gold solitaire engagement ring is a perfect match for the 18k white gold wedding band. The simple stylings of both rings are accented by the solitaire diamond on the engagement ring. When worn together, the rings bring some understated glamour and elegance to your ring finger.

Two Tone Darling

If you’re not afraid of a little color, then this combo might be right up your alley. Our two-tone prong set 14k yellow and white gold engagement ring is a great match for the 18k yellow gold wedding band. The two tones of the engagement ring help bring attention to the smoothness and simplicity of the yellow-gold wedding band. The yellow gold of both rings will be sure to capture the attention of onlookers. Pairing the two-tone engagement ring with the yellow-gold wedding band is a fun and elegant way to represent everlasting love.

Opposites Attract

Traditionally, the engagement ring tends to have all the sparkle and glitter and diamonds while the wedding band is usually simple. In other words, the engagement ring and the wedding band are total opposites. This 14k white gold diamond engagement ring is going to give your finger a lot of sparkle and shine while this 14k white gold wedding band gives the combination simplicity. One ring has pizazz and glamour while the other ring is simple and elegant, but together they work very well as complementary pieces. The diamonds bring out the elegant simplicity of the wedding band while the wedding band brings attention to the sparkles of the engagement ring. When worn together, the effect the rings have on each other is sublime.

We hope these engagement ring and wedding band combinations give you some ideas on what to look for when it comes to shopping for rings. If you need any help in making a selection, our expert jewelers at Grogan will be more than happy to assist you at any of our three locations!