Ashley Huston

Ashley Huston
Ashley is Grogan Jeweler's official blogging partner. In her words, "I am originally from Kingsport, TN. I have lived in Smashville for over 7 years. I am a wife and mother (human & fur babies) before anything else. I am also a lover of Jesus, FASHION, coffee, wine, makeup, yoga pants, chocolate and basically all food. Pretty much food in general. I'm a low key gal and most days you can find me cuddled on my couch watching movies with my babies. xoxo"

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Perfect Jewelry Gifts for Him

If you’re anything like me, you’re racking your brain each year about what to get the man in your life—because let’s be honest, men are much harder to shop for! Typically the things they want are out of a Christmas pricing budget… ie. a new car, a boat, all the outrageous expensive things. And often, if a man wants something, they’ll get it themselves. The thing about gifts for your significant other is we’re so conditioned to think the jewelry is for women but guess what…men like it too!

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Outfits and Jewelry Ideas for Wedding Guests


It’s September and you guys know what that means. Wedding Season! Pretty much every person in my family has a September anniversary. Don’t worry because next week we are talking about anniversary gifts. We got married in June and boy was it hot. It’s hard to decide what to wear for weddings and what is appropriate. There are a lot of texts between us girls asking that age-old question, “what are you wearing?” In today’s post on NW I’m pairing some of my favorite wedding outfit ideas with beautiful jewelry from an amazing family established jewelry store in Nashville, Grogan’s Jewelery by Lon.

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Fall Jewelry Trends

Isn’t it crazy how you can completely transition an outfit or look with the right piece of jewelry? It plays such a vital role in enhancing your appearance and exquisiteness as a woman. Just for a moment as silly as it seems, how great it feels when you wear statement jewelry pieces that rack up all the compliments. If we’re being real here, we dress to impress, and what better way to make an outfit than with a stunning piece of jewelry.

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