How to Photograph Your Engagement Ring for Instagram

Who doesn’t want to show off their beautiful new engagement ring on social media for all their friends to see? Today’s technology lets us snap a photo whenever we want and post it to social media, anytime, anywhere. But getting that perfect engagement ring Instagram shot is trickier than you might think.
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Unique Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Combos

It finally happened: you just got engaged and are now trying to plan your perfect wedding. In the midst of all the planning, you may have thought about what type of wedding band to get that would make the best match for your engagement ring.

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Perfect Jewelry Gifts for Him

If you’re anything like me you’re racking your brain each year about what to get the man in your life because let’s be honest men don’t need as much as we women do. Typically the things they want are out of a Christmas pricing budget… ie. a new car, a boat, all the outrageous expensive things. If a man wants a new suit or whatnot they’ll get it themselves and more than likely they’ll want to pick it and get it tailored etc. The thing about gifts for your significant other is we’re so conditioned to think the jewelry is for the women but news flash… men like it too. 

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