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How to Choose the Best Watch for Men and Women

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Feb 28, 2022 4:00:00 PM

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There are many reasons why men and women choose to wear a watch; for some, it might be as simple as the need to be able to tell time, whereas for others it is the ultimate expression of their taste, a symbol of their success or personality.

For men, a watch has been the single most socially acceptable accessory that they can wear, and for women another way to wear something beautiful or striking that either compliments or highlights their personal style.

Watches can be heralded and coveted for their craftsmanship, the quality of their construction, or the intricacy of their mechanization. They can be rugged and practical, or a showpiece that comes out for special occasions or for personal expression and enjoyment.

What to Consider When Buying a Watch

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are searching for the perfect watch, either for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.


No matter your reason for wearing a watch, quality is something that will make the difference between a timepiece that you need to replace in time, or a timepiece that holds its value and maintains its functionality and beauty for years to come. With higher quality comes more confidence in the watch’s ability to work for the ages, and do so beautifully. A watch can be considered an investment, and if that’s the case then the quality of the materials and workmanship is a very important factor to consider.

Quality also coincides with how big of a watch aficionado you are. There are many high-quality brands and luxury brands that even a novice might recognize, whereas there are many other brands that only a watch fanatic would recognize.

But one thing is for certain; if you are in the market for a watch that will have longevity, and become an enduring part of your life (and possibly become an heirloom!) then quality must be of the highest importance.

Features and Specifications

We all have memories of that watch that had a zillion dials and buttons and features that we could never quite master, no matter how many hours we spent staring at the little package insert and scratching our heads. There’s nothing more satisfying than purchasing a watch that ends up becoming nothing more than an overly complicated bracelet we won’t wear because it never works quite right or doesn’t work at all.

Taking the time now to understand what features and specifications you need now, and then taking the time to make sure that you understand how to set, adjust and live with your watch before you take it home will ensure that your timepiece delights and assists, year after year.

Figure Out How The Watch Will Be Worn and Set a Budget

Are you an avid outdoor enthusiast? Do you need your watch to be able to survive the elements, or tell the time in different areas of the world? Do you expect to wear it every day, or just for special occasions? Looking for a conversation starter, or a subtle but quality piece that you can enjoy and feel satisfied with for decades to come? Be realistic with your goals and your lifestyle, and then set a budget that will enable you to satisfy your needs and aspirations. Remember, quality doesn’t always mean expensive, and expensive doesn’t always mean quality!

Help Your Watch Stand the Test of Time

Watches are marvels of mechanization. They have long enthralled and intrigued both the wearer and the maker, so it’s no wonder that a good watch is truly something to feel proud of and cherish.

Ensuring that your watch stays viable and enthralling will require the right care, maintenance, and repair from time to time, and this is where a great collaboration between you and your jeweler comes in.

Before purchasing your watch, you identified how you were going to be using it and this honesty can add generations to the lifespan of your timepiece. But accidents happen, and things break in life so make sure that you purchase your watch from a reputable dealer or jeweler who understands your watch and how to care for it.

Now that you have an understanding of some of the most important things to consider when buying a watch, you are ready to start your search!

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