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What Is a Promise Ring?

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Mar 9, 2022 4:37:00 PM

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When you think about promise rings, what comes to mind? Many of us might have either given or received one in Junior High, but promise rings aren’t just tiny tokens of intent given to a crush or in a state of puppy love!

In fact, promise rings date back to the Romans, and have been given in many different cultures across the centuries as a token expressing love, and a willingness to commit.

What Do Promise Rings Signify?

A promise ring isn’t just a less glam version of an engagement ring; it’s a promise that is made to continue moving forward with the trajectory of the relationship, and perhaps eventually get engaged. There are many reasons why one might not be ready to get engaged; financial restrictions, geography restrictions, and of course age may be a factor too.

Accepting a promise ring is seen as an indication that the feelings are mutual, and that you share the same level of commitment and a desire to move forward with the relationship. They can be a placeholder for a later engagement, or they can take the place of more formal steps and tokens if a formal engagement and wedding aren’t desired.

The giving and accepting of a promise ring can come with or without the pomp and circumstance surrounding the presentation of an engagement ring. A promise ring doesn’t necessarily mean that the relationship is changing, or that a new stage has been reached; it simply means that both parties are acknowledging their intentions to be together, and move forward down the path together, using a physical token.

How are Promise Rings Worn?

Promise rings are generally worn on the ring finger of the left hand, but one of the great things about promise rings is that they can be worn any way you like! There are no rules or strict traditions around the wearing of a promise ring, so many wear it in a way that makes the most sense to them.

Promise rings aren’t just for women, either! Either gender can wear a promise ring on any finger (or even on a chain around their neck if it suits their occupation or lifestyle). There are many styles and materials to choose from (see the section below) which makes now the best time ever to give and wear a promise ring.

Another great thing to keep in mind is that if you choose to later get engaged, your promise ring can be worn on a different finger, or even stacked in some circumstances. Just imagine, a promise ring, an engagement ring, and a wedding ring, all on one finger to symbolize every step of your love story.

What Styles do Promise Rings Come In?

While promise rings are typically less extravagant than an engagement ring, they don’t have to be the drug-store variety you may have familiarized yourself with as a teenager.

Since promise rings are less formalized, a promise ring can be simple and sweet, big and bold, and anything and everything in between. They can have a small diamond, a few small diamonds, a big gemstone, or seat a dozen smaller precious or semi-precious stones. They can be comprised of any band material under the sun, and even be custom designed. There is a lot of freedom to be enjoyed when you are looking for a promise ring, so enjoy yourself, and every step of your relationship’s journey.

How Much do Promise Rings Cost?

Promise rings are more often than not going to be significantly less expensive than engagement rings or bridal sets, and that makes them very lucrative to couples in love who may not be ready to shoulder the expense otherwise. This being said, they do vary in price, and the sky can truly be the limit.

They can be just a few hundred dollars, but it’s safe to say that you can easily keep your promise ring budget under $2,000, and come away with something that you will be proud to not only give, but receive, and hold with a fondness for a lifetime.

Interested in purchasing a promise ring, or having a custom piece of jewelry designed? Visit our gallery to find the perfect promise ring for your special love!