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How to Buy Jewelry Gifts for Friends

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Sep 12, 2022 11:52:02 AM


It's impossible to overestimate the value of friendship, so it’s only natural that we want to show our appreciation for them with a gift from time to time. Jewelry can be one of the most meaningful gifts that we can give or receive in our lives, so here are some ideas to help you select the perfect piece of jewelry for the friends in your life.

What to Consider Before You Shop

Whether it’s a relatively new friendship or a bond that has lasted the test of time, showing your appreciation for them is always going to be in style. But there are a few things to keep in mind in order to ensure that they get the most use and enjoyment out of your gift and that your special gesture isn’t relegated to their earring tree or jewelry box.

Buying a piece of jewelry that just speaks to you and makes you think of your friend immediately is always an amazing way to show you care. However, if you spend some time thinking over your purchase the outcome is bound to be more poignant and valuable.

How They'll Wear the Jewelry (Or Not)

Some key things to take into consideration include:

  • their lifestyle
  • their occupation
  • their hobbies
  • any other aspects that impact their ability to wear a piece of jewelry

For instance, a brand-new mom might not get much use out of a dainty, dangly pair of earrings! Or, if you are buying a gift for a nurse, a ring may spend more time in the drawer than on their hand due to frequent glove-wearing and hand washing.

Keeping their lifestyle in mind will help you choose a piece that will get the most use and inspire the most daily joy.

Style and Preferences

Beyond their lifestyle, what is their personal style? You may love rose gold, but if you know they prefer silver, white gold, or platinum, a rose gold piece may not make their eyes sparkle the way it would yours. Similarly, if they never wear necklaces, buying a necklace for them may not make much sense either. Look at the jewelry they currently wear or items they have mentioned in the past, and let this help guide your decisions. 


It’s also a very good idea to consider the budget: yours, and theirs too! Stick to your budget, of course, but also be cognizant of disparities in your household finances. If you purchase a gift that is way out of their price range, it may make them feel uncomfortable and make it impossible for them to reciprocate at the same level. Conversely, if the gift seems way below your means or even theirs, some of the intention and value may be obscured.


What’s the special occasion? Is it a seasonal gift? Are you thinking about this gift as a “just because” or due to a recent major milestone in their life or your friendship? While it can seem tempting to buy your friend a gift after an argument or disagreement, you want this piece to remind them of the good times, not the bad!

Finally, while the days of matching friendship bracelets and lockets may have passed, matching or initialed pieces of jewelry are still very much in! Having a similar, personalized, or identical piece that you share with your friend or friends is a very special gift that can bridge both time and distance for the life of your friendship and bond.

Gift Ideas for Your Friend

While what you buy ultimately depends on many factors, here are a few different ideas to help you start looking for the perfect gift. 


Necklaces are classic gifts, and there are tons of different options. Maybe she'd love a name necklace in gold (à la Sex & the City). Perhaps you look for a pendant in the shape of something meaningful, or even a small, simple diamond pendant. There are even lots of options available for matching best friends necklaces that don't have to be kitschy. Or go old-school with a lovely locket and tuck a small picture of the two of you into it. 


Birthstones can be a fun and unique way to show you care. Whether you pick her birthstone, your birthstone, or one that represents something different (the birth of your friendship perhaps?), these gems all make for gorgeous jewelry. From pendants to bracelets to rings, the options for birthstone jewelry are seemingly endless. 


Not everyone likes bracelets, but if you have a friend who does, you have some great options for gifting. Simple bangles, engraved bracelets, matching friendship bracelets--these are just a few of the types out there that you can seek out to give to your bestie. 


Earrings aren't always the first thing that comes to mind for gifting to friends, but they can be incredibly versatile and make for a thoughtful, unique gift. Here it's important to understand your friend's taste in particular: does she love statement jewelry? Check out dangly earrings. If she tends to be more understated, you can consider gemstone or pearl studs, or perhaps a small but lovely pair of white gold hoops. 

Consider Custom Jewelry

The amount of beautiful and impactful jewelry available for purchase is astounding, and if you’ve browsed online or visited one of our three locations in person, you’ve already seen a lot yourself!

But when you can’t find just the right thing, or you have something very particular in mind, custom jewelry can be a profoundly beautiful gift to make and give. Custom jewelry is more popular than ever, and here are some reasons why.

Your friend and your friendship is unique, and having a piece of custom jewelry made that reflects their personality, their values, and the memories that you have shared together is a way to create a treasure that they will cherish forever.

When you have a piece of custom jewelry created for your friend, you are forging a partnership with an experienced craftsman that wants to hear your story and help you select not only the right materials but the right settings, design, and arrangement of elements to bring your vision to life.

Whether it’s a pair of earrings, a bracelet, an anklet, a custom ring, or a necklace, the custom piece you have designed and created in honor of your friendship and the memories and adventures you share will be sure to enrich their lives and touch their heart the way that you already have.

You can learn more about Grogan Jewelers custom work here.

We hope that this guide has helped you consider giving jewelry as a gift to friends with more joy, so enjoy the journey and long live your friendship.

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