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What Rings Mean on Each Finger

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Sep 19, 2022 3:22:52 PM

When we think of fingers, oftentimes gestures such as pointing, agreement, and disagreement come to mind. When we think of rings, in the United States, the most common thought would be wedding rings on the left ring finger. While this is a common association, our other fingers also hold meaning and symbolism as it pertains to rings. Read below for a guide on what our fingers symbolize and what rings would be a good fit for each. 

Pinky Finger

The right pinky finger represents professional status and intelligence. Professionals who earn certain degrees, specifically in ecology or engineering, will wear a simple metal ring on their right pinky finger to symbolize their accomplishment. 

On the other hand (pun intended), a ring on the left pinky can represent power and involvement in organized crime. Organizations like the mafia would give pinky rings once a member was inducted into the group. Mafia members, known as Mafiosi, would also wear their wedding rings on their left pinkies.

Symbolically, the pinky finger is associated with the Greek God Mercury, which is characterized by intellect and persuasion. To manifest these traits, choose a ring with a light orange or yellow stone, such as citrine or amber. Further, the pinky finger is the furthest from your body, so it is a great place to show off your rings with the flashiest designs and colors

Ring Finger

When thinking of rings and fingers, the ring finger is the most widely recognized. Aptly named, the ring finger is where engagement and wedding rings go for both men and women. The ring finger represents love, romance, and eternity. Traditionally, an engagement ring would go on a woman’s right ring finger, and then a separate wedding ring would go on her left. In a modern shift, women are wearing their engagement rings on their left ring fingers and then adding a wedding band. Generally, the engagement and wedding rings will be diamonds. 

Apart from marriage and weddings, the ring finger can also be reserved for promise rings or purity rings. Still, these rings follow the symbolic nature of love and eternal agreement. 

Middle Finger

Apart from the obvious rude gesture made using the middle finger, it’s important to note that the middle finger is the longest and largest finger on the hand. It is also the center of your hand, so this finger can represent balance and stability. The middle finger is associated with Saturn, as it is slow-moving and steady. A ring option for embodying this energy would be a simple gray or silver metal band.

Neither the left nor right middle finger holds significant meaning as far as rings go. If you have a fashionable ring that you like the look of, the middle finger would be a great place to wear it. It is important to note that bigger or bulkier rings on the middle finger might be inconvenient, as they will rub against your frequently-used index finger, so we would suggest a simple, smaller band for the middle finger

Pointer Finger

The pointer finger, or index finger, is one of the most visible and utilized fingers. It’s a finger used to gesture at what we see or want, as well as a finger used in most actions we do. In Jewish culture, the right index finger is where a gold wedding band goes.

Historically, the pointer finger represents wealth or royalty. In Europe, it used to be that some lower-class people were forbidden from wearing rings, so the index finger was reserved for rings that proved their standing or displayed their family crest. Because of this history, the pointer finger is a great place for rings that represent family, belonging, or status. Rings such as fraternity rings, class rings, championship rings, or family heirlooms would typically go on an index finger. 

Finally, the pointer finger is associated with Jupiter. Wearing a ring containing bright silver with either amethyst or blue topaz stones is thought to draw Jupiter’s characteristics of self-reliance and aspiration.


Unlike the other fingers, thumbs are not associated with Greek gods but are associated with assertiveness and individualism. This makes sense, as the obvious use of a thumb is to convey either our approval or disapproval, by pointing it up or down. A ring on the left or right thumb does not hold any symbolic or spiritual significance, so feel free to make a statement with your thumb rings. 

Oftentimes, thumbs are associated with wealth, so it is a great opportunity to show off a larger, bulkier ring. Because the thumb is set lower than other fingers, a ring that size will not get in the way. Whatever you choose to wear on your thumb, have fun with the freedom this finger offers!


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