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How Much Does a Pair of Earrings Weigh?

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Feb 16, 2022 3:38:00 PM

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Do you wear earrings every day? Or just for special occasions?

Whether they are extravagant or simple, here is everything you wanted to know about how much earrings weigh when it comes to the carat size and how to purchase and wear them with confidence.

What's the Difference Between Earrings and Other Pieces of Jewelry?

If you are the current enjoyer of a diamond ring (or two!) then you may already be familiar with the 4 C’s of diamonds in particular: cut, color, clarity, and carat. These same familiar C’s are also useful and necessary when we are discussing diamonds that are found in any other location; around your neck, your wrist, or sparkling in the light from their position on your earlobes!

You might be wondering what is the most important out of all of these C’s, and the answer is this: the cut. The reason why the cut is the most important is that the other three elements (color, clarity, carat) can be completely negated by a poor cut!

In fact, you can take a large diamond that’s perfectly clear and colorless, and render it quite appealing and less valuable with an inappropriate or unprofessional cut.

So now that we understand the 4 C’s a little better, let’s talk about diamond earrings!

Understanding Carat Total Weight

When you are purchasing diamond earrings, especially diamond stud earrings, you may have seen this: CTW.

But what does that mean? CTW stands for Carat Total Weight, and this is why it’s particularly important when you are looking at diamond earrings. Unlike a diamond solitaire where the carat weight is a description of one stone, CTW means that all the pieces of the diamond or diamonds add up to a particular weight.

With earrings, this means the carat weight is split between the two earrings, because earrings are the one item of jewelry that you will usually and consistently wear in two places (yes, we mean your ears!).

If you buy a set of diamond stud earrings, and its CTW is 1 carat, that means that each earring will weigh in about half a carat, or .5. The same goes for other sizes of diamond stud earrings.

How Much Do Diamond Earrings Weigh on Average?

Since carat weight is a little more abstract of a unit of measure in our daily lives, you may be wondering how much a pair of earrings might weigh on average.

The answer is about 6 grams, or about 6 dollar bills, and one carat is about ⅕ of a gram. 

Which Size and Type of Diamond Earrings Are Right for You?

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to diamond earrings - and these should be chosen to fit you and your aesthetic preference. However, we've found that the most popular pair of earrings is those with 1 CTW. This is because they tend to be the most versatile whether you are dressing up or wearing them as an everyday accessory. 

This is important to keep in mind while shopping for diamond earrings: how you will be wearing your diamond earrings, and where? Is it a traditional purchase for your wedding day? Will they be worn for special occasions only? Or are you looking for something timeless that never goes out of style to wear daily? These questions can help guide your decisions when you are selecting between different settings, shapes, materials, and sizes.

You will want to establish your budget first, and then identify the highest quality of diamond that you can acquire within that budgeted amount. And remember, as we have stated the cut is the most important element, which is why we emphasize quality over any other component. 

Where Can I Buy a Pair of Diamond Earrings?

There are so many beautiful diamond earring options available today, and a multitude of other precious and semi-precious stones as well. If you want to browse the different carat weights, cuts, and settings before making a decision, you can browse our full selection of diamond earrings online. If you have any questions or need help picking out the perfect pair, please reach out!

Whether you are looking for that unmistakably classy diamond solitaire, or something a little more unique, Grogan Jewelers has three locations to serve you including Florence, Alabama, Huntsville, Alabama, and Franklin, Tennessee.