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Engagement Rings for Men: A Guide

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Dec 6, 2021 10:00:00 AM

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Engagement rings have been around since 1215 AD, but the first diamond engagement ring didn’t come along until a few hundred years later, creating the standard, symbolic engagement ring that we are all familiar with and enjoy today.

The concept of an engagement ring is nothing new, but what about engagement rings for men?

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Over the last several years, gendered stereotypes about engagement rings have begun to change dramatically, and more and more grooms-to-be are embracing the opportunity to take part in either selecting or becoming the beneficiary of a meaningful, valuable symbol of their future commitment. Although it may come as a surprise, the concept of men wearing wedding rings was not popularized until World War II! Norms and desires change continuously with society, and the popularity of men’s engagement rings just continues to soar.

Far from a simple marital or relationship availability indication, an engagement ring can be a symbol of the man in your life’s masculine love, commitment, and individuality!

What to Know About Engagement Rings for Men

Due to the centuries of tradition behind women’s engagement rings, there is simply going to be more of a variety and inventory of women’s styles available. But as we mentioned, the popularity of men’s engagement rings is only continuing to grow, and in the future, we will continue to see more and more options and demand, but here are some things to keep in mind!

Men’s engagement rings can be grandiose or ornate

As they are not necessarily designed to be worn every day for the rest of one’s life, the stones, setting, designs, and materials can be more ornate or attention-grabbing than a wedding ring. In this way, the engagement ring that you select or select with the man in your life can be a centerpiece to turn heads and start conversations, or a simple, meaningful piece that’s true significance is only shared between the two of you.

Men’s engagement rings can boast a wider selection of possibilities

Because we are blazing new trails and there are no ‘traditions’ to hold you back, you can find men’s engagement rings with or without stones of every color and kind. You can find bands made from materials one would never select for a women’s engagement ring (tungsten, ceramic, stainless steel, titanium, bone, and even wood)! But beyond this, you can also select classic gold, platinum, silver, and more.

Custom or pre-designed options add another layer of variety to consider

Every day, there are new men’s engagement ring styles and pieces on the market as their popularity increases. They vary from the very masculine to the more nuanced and can range from utilitarian to the extravagant. But in case you don’t come across just the perfect piece to symbolize the love you have in your heart for the man who will someday be wearing, a custom engagement ring may be the perfect solution! Similar to women’s engagement rings, when you have your own piece designed you have greater input over the band, the setting, the stones, making it truly your own.

Who Pays for the Man's Engagement Ring?

When it comes to men’s engagement rings and who is generally responsible for selecting and making the purchase, the choice is totally up to you! While more and more men every day are finding themselves the happy recipient of an engagement ring selected and purchased for them by their betrothed, others are happy to collaborate with their soon-to-be better half. With all of these options and opportunities, there’s never been a better time to be a guy, and in love! Visit Grogan Jewelers at any of our three locations!

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