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Tips for Planning the Perfect Proposal

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Oct 10, 2022 11:38:41 AM

Congratulations! You found the one, and now it’s time to pop the big question!

Proposing to the one you love will be one of the most memorable moments of your life! As the years go by, you are likely to reminisce about this day together, and share the romantic, lighthearted, and moving moments again and again with your friends, relatives, and future generations for years to come.

Whether you are just beginning to envision your perfect proposal, or you already have the ring and are well on your way to getting down on one knee, here are some tips to help make your proposal as memorable and as enjoyable as possible.

Don’t Wing It

We have all grown up watching movies and television shows depicting perfect wedding proposals. We laugh, we cry—it’s the cherry on top of the perfect love story.

So it’s easy to overlook the details, and just focus on the big moment. But those perfect, dreamy proposals don’t just happen by accident (even if they are a surprise).

The location, the ring, the timing, the audience (or lack thereof), and even the words that you choose to share with your future spouse all need to be carefully considered, and planned in advance in order for your proposal to come off without a hitch.

Do Involve the Right People

First and foremost, this means your fiance-to-be. Some engagements are a total surprise, and some are anticipated, and can even be collaborative. The conversation will look different for different couples but in order to make your proposal a memorable occasion for all the right reasons, it’s a very good idea to determine their feelings and willingness to take this important next step with you prior to your proposal.

The other right individuals to involve could be friends, family, and others who are close to you, your partner, and your future. Traditionally, this could mean asking the parents of your fiance for their permission, or this could mean including friends and family in the proposal and the after-party itself.

This is also another very important component of being on the same page with the person you are anticipating spending your life with: would they prefer a private proposal, shared between just the two of you? Or would a big, fun, and elaborate proposal including their friends and family be the perfect proposal?

Don’t rush your proposal, and give yourself the time needed to have these conversations and make the plans that will create a moment to remember.

Do Remember to Document

While the memory of your proposal will live on in your hearts and minds forever, make sure to consider having the moment recorded! Whether you enlist the help of a professional, a friend, or a family member, documenting this special moment will only become more important to both of you (and other loved ones in your life) as the years roll by.

Planning a surprise proposal? That doesn’t mean that it can’t be documented! Even if you are keeping it a private event just between the two of you, remember to take a selfie or some shots of the moment you get the answer.

Don’t Follow Fads, Follow Your Heart

This day is not about what’s fashionable or on trend, or even popular or easiest. What’s meaningful to you and your love story? Is it a favorite restaurant? The place you met? Location of your first date? The place you fell in love with, or something else? The perfect place to propose can also be someplace you’ve never been before, but always wanted to. This can be a destination either near or far, but regardless of whether it’s across the street or will require a trip around the world, make sure the location, setting, and timing is right for both of you.

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