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Holiday Jewelry Gifts for Every Type of Mom

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Nov 7, 2022 5:33:00 PM

When we think of moms, it’s hard not to smile. Moms work hard and love their children harder. We’ll never find bigger fans, better nurses, more compassionate counselors, or stronger support systems than our mothers. Because of their selfless natures and serving attitudes, moms deserve to be spoiled a little extra this year. Even if they claim they don’t, moms love jewelry.

From rings to necklaces, to earrings, there’s the perfect gift for every type of mom, guaranteed to be as unique as she is. Grogan Jewelers has an expansive selection for every type of mom.

The Plant Mom

This is the mom that has a green thumb. She can keep every type of plant alive, and she’s the one you call when you’ve over-watered your succulent yet again. This mom is always digging in the dirt, so we wouldn’t recommend rings or bracelets that could get in the way. We would recommend a necklace for the plant mom. A necklace is out of the way and can be tucked into a shirt if she’s leaning over digging holes. We have some beautiful flower necklaces that incorporate her love of plants and her hard-working spirit.

The Elegant Mom

This mom always seems to have it together. Her outfits are stylish and match perfectly, her emotions are always even-keeled, and she loves a fancy night out. This mom likely already has an expansive jewelry collection, but a gorgeous and one-of-a-kind diamond necklace would be the perfect addition. It can be worn with a variety of outfits and will complement the personality of the elegant mom.

The New Mom

This mom is relishing in the joys and trials of motherhood. Experiencing her first Christmas with a child of her own brings memories that won’t soon be forgotten. The new mom is going to be so focused on making the holidays special for her child that it’s important that you celebrate her as well. As a new mom, she’s given up so much of herself, and the perfect gift is a way to show her your appreciation and admiration. For the new mom, we have two suggestions:

Many people will suggest a pendant necklace in which you can put a photo of the new baby. While this is a thoughtful gift that a new mom would love, it may be a bit impractical with a newborn. Babies are known for grabbing anything that dangles–hair, necklaces, and earrings included. With that in mind, consider non-dangling jewelry with the child’s birthstone, such as stud earrings or a tighter-fitting bracelet

The Type-A Mom

We all know the Type-A mom. Everything is organized and on time, the pantry is meticulously put together with labeled baskets, sports schedules are color-coded, and weekends are planned out. Type-A moms always think two steps ahead so they don’t have to adapt. For the Type-A mom, we would recommend stackable rings. These rings are made to fit multiple on a single finger. This way, you can get one band to represent each of her children, and she won’t have to worry about what will happen if they decide to have more kids. If you get a necklace with all three of her kids’ birthstones, but then she has a fourth child, she may feel guilty wearing it. Stackable rings are very popular this season and allow for the addition of more children.

The Fitness Mom

Fitness moms can be found drinking a low-fat latte, and laughing with their friends in yoga pants. They hit the gym, sip on low-calorie cocktails, and do their best to eat healthily. They’re posting about their latest gym challenge, and are always pushing others to be their best selves. There are many reasons fitness moms are tricky to shop for. Often they wear a silicone ring in place of a wedding ring. The last thing they need are things dangling around their necks or wrists, but they already own every pair of stud earrings you could dream of. That’s why we recommend huggie earrings for the fitness mom. Huggie earrings are tight hoop earrings–they’re very fashionable this year and they’ll be practical and out of the way during a workout. They are also perfect for a night out, so like her yoga pants, they can be dressed up or dressed down.

The Influencer Mom

The influencer mom always has her phone out to capture the entertaining moments of her day. Her pictures, selfies, and boomerangs capture the attention of many followers. For the influencer mom, it’s important to get her something unique, but in style. Influencer moms would love large, geometrical-shaped earrings. They look chic in photographs and complement every type of hairstyle. They look good with straight hair, curls, or an updo, which is important when you’re in lots of pictures and videos.

The Classic Mom

This mom’s style is classic. You’ll never catch her in comfortable lounging clothes, even when she’s relaxing at her own home. Her clothes are always nice and stylish, but not over the top. She can be found in the evenings watching Jeopardy in a blouse and slacks. This mom knows what she likes and likes to stay within her confines. For the classic mom, we recommend sticking with pearls. Grogan Jewelers has an extensive collection of pearls for the classic mom. Pearls will match any outfit she chooses and will keep consistent with her look.

The Wine Mom

The wine mom is probably a loud, fun mom who loves the latest gossip. Her wine rack, like her shoe collection, is full and ready for any occasion, yet she definitely has her favorite. When you enter her house, she greets you with a hefty pour and a comfortable porch seat. Her “water bottles” at her kids' soccer games are never transparent, and she’s always able to lighten the mood. Because wine moms almost always have a hand on their wine glasses, we think the perfect gift would be a large, fancy ring she can show off to her friends. She may already have a wedding ring, and that’s perfect! She has nine other empty fingers that can use some flashy diamonds for when she holds her glass.

The Fun Mom

The fun mom is just that–an absolute blast to be around. She’s loud and full of life. The fun mom is creative and can think of games to play on the spot. Her kids are constantly on their toes because they never know what their mom has in store that day. The perfect jewelry gift for the fun mom needs to match her personality. Something small and ordinary won’t do the trick. We recommend a large, colorful, pendant-style necklace, that accents her youthful and exuberant nature. It is uniquely shaped, and a gorgeous piece, yet still offers the playfulness that the fun mom would love.

The Christian Mom

Christian moms can be some of the most compassionate, service-oriented people. They pray nightly for their children and initiate prayers before meals. Often, they can be found studying scripture or reading books to try to make themselves better mothers. Little do they know, they are already some of the best moms around! Christian moms likely already have a collection of cross necklaces. If they don’t, start there, from simple to extravagant. However, if her jewelry drawer is already full of cross necklaces, consider the cross ring. It’s simple, chic, and she will be able to see it on her hands throughout the day. She is sure to appreciate the simple reminder on her finger that will help keep her centered and calm through any storms she may face.

The Frugal Mom

Nothing excites the frugal mom like a good, old-fashioned deal. They look through coupons and are willing to compare prices to find the best sale around. Frugal moms aren’t cheap, they’re savvy and patient. Women like this would never ask for an expensive gift, and they have probably never added a piece of jewelry to their wish list. That is exactly why it’s important for you to splurge on something for her, that she would never buy herself. It can’t be too fancy or flashy. It needs to be a practical piece of jewelry that fits any occasion, whether it be grocery shopping or a night out. In our opinion, the perfect choice would be a simple, yet elegant tennis bracelet for the frugal mom.

The Adventure Mom

Whether it’s a hike to a mountain top or a road trip to the beach, this mom is always ready for an adventure. She’s spontaneous and fun, and each day with her brings something new. She’s practical and down-to-earth and can pack a bag at a moment’s notice. For the adventure mom, we would recommend a stylish anklet that encapsulates her travels. Anklets rarely get taken off, so it would be one less thing for her to pack if she’s already wearing it. We have a fantastic selection of unique anklets, specifically this gorgeous anchor anklet.

The Last-Minute Mom

This mom is always leaving the house five minutes too late. She does her very best every day and her children are happy and healthy, and they always seem to be rushing. If you take after your last-minute mom, consider one of our Costar Holiday Gifts. They are beautiful pieces that are uniquely crafted, that ship within 3-5 days. There is a wide variety of earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets, and you would be hard-pressed to find something bland. If you take after your mother and waited until the last minute to shop, these gifts are perfect.

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