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First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Aug 8, 2022 3:33:45 PM

The first anniversary of your relationship is special: you’ve likely already built a lifetime of memories in the last year already, and you’re looking forward to many, many to come!

So how can you celebrate your first full trip around the sun with something that will age as finely as wine and your love? Here are some jewelry ideas designed to commemorate this wonderful time, and delight them in the future.

Traditional First Year Anniversary Gifts

Paper is the traditional one-year anniversary gift, which may sound a little odd when you first think about it, but here is a little perspective.

Paper wasn’t always affordable or plentiful in supply. In fact, it has historically been a rather luxurious item that was given as gifts, coveted, and rationed for only the most meaningful letters and documents.

Paper is also much like the first year of your relationship: a blank slate, ready to be written upon. You choose the words and the memories and symbols that will dwell upon the pages forever! And speaking of forever, here is another reason that paper is a traditional first year anniversary gift; when you take care of it, it can last forever. If you are careless, it can surely wither away.

Another traditional gift that is often given is a clock, which makes a bit more sense in modern times. You have begun your time together, and making it through the first year with its delights and tribulations almost calls for some way to continue to beautifully mark the minutes and hours you will continue to spend in love.

Traditional Jewelry Ideas to Give on for One-Year Anniversaries

So what kinds of jewelry is traditionally given for your 1st year anniversary? Let's take a look at some contemporary takes on traditional gifts.


Gold is a lovely traditional gift that, like your love, stands the test of time and only increases in value. Whether it’s your one-year wedding anniversary or the one-year anniversary of your relationship, gold is one of the most versatile and dynamic jewelry gifts that you can give (or receive!). There are plenty of options when it comes to gold—earrings, necklaces, rings, you name it—but what about mixing old with new?

This is where tradition and modern impressions can come together in a meaningful way: a gold watch for your first anniversary! The tradition of giving a clock on this occasion, the symbolism of moving forward together, and the beauty and timelessness of gold in one stunning display. This is a wonderful gift to give your husband or wife. Whether as a functional wristwatch, an elegant pocket watch, a conversation starter, or a statement piece, watches make a very powerful statement about your past, present, and future together.


Pearl is also another traditional gift given for one year anniversaries, and here’s a lovely reason why: pearls take time to develop. The little irritations in life, the things that can go awry or maybe even wrong can be taken and shaped into something lasting and beautiful, just like a pearl!

The simple and lustrous elegance of pearls never goes out of style, and they have entranced and enthralled us for centuries. Whether it’s a timeless and classic simple string of pearls or a pair of pearl earrings, the options are endless in our modern times.

Pearls can be displayed in a bracelet, on your fingers as the centerpiece of a ring, or even be found on elegant money clips, or as an inlay on some of the most gorgeous timepieces we’ve ever seen! We love the idea of taking traditions and infusing them with modern designs and inspiration, and we’d love to share it with you.

Check out all of these lovely pearl designs available at our Grogan Jeweler locations and online.

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Other Jewelry Ideas for One-Year Anniversary

Gold and pearls are timeless; in fact just to behold them is to look through the lens of the past and carry it into the future. There’s no mistaking why our ancestors across the globe have held gold and pearls in high regard, but there are many other ways to commemorate this special occasion, including the few that we have listed here below for you.


Diamonds are….we won’t say it, but there is no doubt that diamonds are the gold standard when it comes to precious stones. Their brilliance, durability, and versatility are hard to ignore or substitute, just like the love that you are commemorating today!

Diamond earrings are one of the most elegant, simple and stunning purchases one can make. And a diamond bracelet or necklace is sure to become a piece that highlights the legacy of your love. Diamonds rings of every setting and style are also a lovely choice, and don’t forget custom designs as well!


Other precious stones (like sapphires, emeralds and rubies) are also enduring and “awe” inspiring ways to highlight this moment in time, as are all the other brilliant and exciting semi-precious stones available today. Consider you or your sweetheart's birthstone, or combine both for a stunning custom piece.

Custom jewelry is a very personal and unique way to show your special someone or the happy couple in your life that their tomorrows are just as if not even more beautiful than today. Have a particular piece in mind, or have a stone or stones that you’d like to see in a setting, on a wrist or as pendant earrings? Consider our custom jewelry design or stop by one of our three locations to get started.

As you can see, there are many options to choose from for a First Year Anniversary Gift that will really stand the test of time along with you or the happy couple. We hope that this list has inspired you to highlight this amazing accomplishment in a way that celebrates the first year of love, perfectly!