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Can a Jeweler Replicate a Piece of Jewelry?

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Jul 25, 2022 12:46:11 PM

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Have you ever noticed someone’s jewelry and wished you had it? When we think about custom jewelry, we often think about designing our own jewelry from scratch. While that’s definitely one of the exciting benefits, there’s also the option to replicate a piece of jewelry that you loved on someone else. Here’s how a jeweler can replicate a piece of jewelry.

Why You Want to Replicate a Piece of Jewelry?

Custom jewelry can be flexible to many circumstances, whether you want to create a special ring with a more personal meaning, or just enjoy the thought of designing your own piece. But did you know custom jewelry can also be created to replicate other people’s jewelry? Here’s when you would want to create a replica:

Replicating Jewelry You Loved

There has probably been a time when you thought, “Wow...I want that!” Custom jewelry is the perfect opportunity to get your wish. From family members to friends to jewelry stores or even that random person you passed by at the mall, you’ll see an eclectic range of gorgeous jewelry everywhere you go. A replica of that very piece can be made for you to wear now and get that same attention.

Reclaiming Lost or Stolen Pieces

Maybe you already owned a special ring…one with a lot of meaning or memories. But you can’t seem to find it anywhere. Well, now you don’t have to worry about it. You can make a replica look just like the piece you lost. Or, if you lose one of your favorite earrings, you don’t have to throw the other half out. Just have a replica made as if you never lost it.

Duplicating a Piece You Own

Have you ever worn a ring and wished you had two of a kind? Duplicating a ring is also a popular option. You can create a second copy in case you lose the first piece, or create the same ring in a new color. That way, you can mix it up from time to time by having a couple of variations of your favorite ring.

What Goes Into Ring Replication?

Replicating a piece of jewelry is pretty simple. It begins with the assessment process. You can bring in a piece you already own so we can take a closer look at it, noting every detail. Or, if you don’t have the piece with you, we can examine these details from a photo. Here’s what the replication process for a custom ring looks like:

Start With a Photo

If you don’t have a physical ring with you, that’s okay! All you need is a photo of the ring you fell in love with. Bring it to the jeweler, who will customize a duplicate ring just for you. A photo will give our experts everything they need to know to create a duplicate. We’ll see the era, shapes, style, and types of stones to bring your unique ring to life. If other significant details are missing from the photo, you can describe your ring in further detail to help our team craft the right piece. 

You can even take this opportunity to make some changes to the original design. Maybe you loved your original jewelry, but there was something missing or not quite right the first time. Now you can make those changes to create the perfect custom jewelry.

Creating With CAD

CAD stands for computer-aided design, and it’s how we create your custom jewelry. The ring is mocked up in a 3D design, then 3D printed into a wax molding, and then sent back to you. This molding will show you exactly what your ring will look like so that there are no surprises when the ring is created. 

If, for any reason, you decide to make some changes: No problem! You’ll get a chance to request modifications to the piece, and the molding will be updated. When you’re happy with everything, the jewelry will be cast.

The Casting Process

The jeweler will cover the wax molding with a plaster used for making molds, subject it to extreme heat to melt the wax away, and then cast the ring with the molten metal. Now the ring is ready to be finished!

Bringing It to Life

This is where the details fall into place. The ring will be buffed and polished to give it that signature shine. Then it’s time to tighten the stones in place, making sure none are loose. And finally, if the ring requires any special plating, that process will occur here. Now it’s ready to be worn and adored for years to come.

What Affects the Cost of Ring Replication?

A few different factors will affect the final cost, including the number of details that go into the finishing look. Here are the most important cost factors:

  • Type of Metal: A lot will depend on the metal that you choose. The more precious the metal, the higher the cost will be.
  • Stones: As the metal, the number of stones and quality will affect the price.
  • CAD Design: The 3D file and creation process also contribute to the final price.
  • Labor: Any extra labor for things like plating will be added to the cost.

Where To Get Started

Replicating a ring is a great way to reclaim lost jewelry, duplicate your favorite pieces, or even have your own version of a ring you loved on someone else. Custom jewelry can make all of this possible, breathing new life into the jewelry you own.

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