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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Jun 1, 2022 2:54:36 PM

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While some gifts have been synonymous with Father’s Day since the very first time it was celebrated in 1910, you might be looking for something just a little more special, and that’s where this guide comes in!

Ties, BBQ or grilling kits, a personalized coffee cup, a car care kit, or a new shirt. These are all things that dads have come to expect when they open their Father’s Day gifts and let’s face it. These gifts are easy to find, easy to buy, and easy to give. Department stores anticipate that dads can be hard to buy for, and so they follow suit by bringing out the camp shirts and pre-packaged car and grill kits.

But what if you are looking for something to give dad that is a little more special, either from you, a few of you, or all of you?

Here are some gift ideas that will not only stand the test of time but make your Father’s Day gift-giving a memorable and special time.

Timepieces That Match His Style

Timepieces have traditionally been a gift that dads enjoy getting and their loved ones enjoy giving since keeping time was a thing, but a watch as a gift can become as impersonal as a tie or shirt if purchased haphazardly.

Watches can range from the mundane to the ornate, from tacky to timeless, so when you are looking for the perfect piece to show the dad in your life how much you care, there are many things to consider.

His lifestyle for instance is one thing to keep in mind. Is he active? What does his job entail? What are his hobbies? Will he appreciate a gorgeous mechanical watch that will serve as a classy conversation piece, fashion statement and heirloom to be passed down? Or is he enthralled with technology and would just love the features and benefits of a smartwatch?

Does he hike, bike or hunt and would be thrilled with GPS features, rugged construction, and water resistance? There is a myriad of different options to choose from, but only you know the dad in your life best, and what would not only suit his needs but inspire his passion for his hobbies or occupation.

Statement timepieces can also be customized with engravings, custom bands, ornate faces, or take on other attributes of fine jewelry. These kinds of watches can be seen not only as a one-time gift, but as an heirloom piece that will not only honor his past, but his present, future, and his eventual memory too. In this way, the right timepiece can be viewed as an investment or lifetime gift that can be given not only by an individual but by you and your siblings or other family members as a group!

A watch is indeed a classic gift, but when chosen with intention, a gift that truly mesmerizes and moves.

Jewelry for Him

Whether it’s a ring, a bracelet, a necklace, or something else, the history of men wearing pieces of jewelry that they enjoy or provide some special meaning or significance to them goes back eons.

However, it still might not be the first thing that comes to mind when Father’s Day gift-giving is brought up, or may feel like unfamiliar territory. So how do you venture into these uncharted waters, and select or create something truly memorable for dad?

First things first, if he already wears jewelry, what does he wear, and what is the significance? Is it for simple enjoyment, the commemoration of some achievement, or something in-between? Knowing why he wears the jewelry that he currently wears now, and why is the first step to finding a gift that he will also enjoy.

And if he isn’t currently wearing jewelry, did he in the past, and why did he put that special ring or other piece away? A new piece might be just the inspiration he needs to start enjoying something fantastic again, whether it’s a simple necklace, a macho ring, or something else special that captures and honors who he is.

Custom pieces are another great way to either capture or recapture a memorable experience for the dad in your life, in a way that ready-made pieces can’t quite capture. And it’s also a way to ensure that nobody else, will ever have exactly the same piece that he does! This is one of the main reasons why you might want to consider a custom piece of jewelry.

More Ideas that Dad Will Love

There’s more than watches, rings, bracelets, and necklaces for dad to love. Money clips, cufflinks, and other fine pieces can also be just the perfect thing to make dad feel special, honored, and appreciated. It all comes down to knowing and understanding his interests, and values, and stepping out of the grill/shirt/tie continuum!

So now that you know a little more about the beautiful and memorable gifts that watches and fine jewelry pieces can become for dad, we’d like to invite you to learn more!

Father's Day Gifts Near Nashville

Find great ideas for Father’s Day gifts, or learn more about the watches we carry for dad at our store in Franklin, TN, or visit us in Huntsville or Florence, AL! 

If you don’t find what you are looking for, let’s talk about a custom piece that will blow him away!

However you celebrate with dad on his special day, we hope that it’s as memorable and special as he is!