Jewelry Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

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When you're in a great relationship but not ready for a life-long commitment, finding the perfect gift can sometimes be tricky. You might feel like you have to stay away from jewelry as a gift, but the truth is there are plenty of things you can get her that will help her feel beautiful and special, and that won't be mistaken for an engagement ring. 

Is Jewelry a Good Gift?

Many, if not most, women enjoy jewelry as a gift. However, it's important to make sure you buy her something she likes! For example, if she never wears bracelets, giving her bangles may not be the best idea. 

Jewelry is a popular gift because it feels special, and it's something that can last a lifetime. When you're stumped for gift ideas, jewelry can be a great way to make it easy on you and dazzle her on Christmas morning. 

How to Find the Right Gift 

It takes a little sleuthing to figure out the right jewelry for your lady. First, figure out what she prefers by noticing what she already wears. If she only wears silver and white gold, for instance, yellow gold might fall flat. 

Similarly, sticking to the type of jewelry you know she wears -- like earrings, necklaces, or bracelets -- is an easy way to ensure it's not going to end up at the bottom of her jewelry box. 

Here are a few other tips:

  • Keep it simple: Elaborate jewelry can be hard to give as it is so dependent on taste. A simple pendant, stud earrings, or gemstone bracelet is a classic gift that she can wear all the time. 
  • Get good quality: A cheap piece of jewelry that tarnishes or turns her skin green will ruin the whole mood. Make sure you buy good quality metal. 
  • Ask for help: Asking her friends or family what she likes and getting assistance from a professional jeweler can help you ensure you make the right choice.

Should I Buy a Ring (That Isn't an Engagement Ring)?

In general, it's a good strategy to stay away from rings if you're afraid of being misunderstood or of disappointing her. Having said that, sometimes a (non-engagement) ring is a great gift! Just be sure it's not engagement-ring-ish and consider whether it's something she'll actually wear. Some women love wearing rings on multiple fingers; others might be reserving just one (for the ring that will come later). 

Jewelry Gift Ideas

Here are a few pieces we recommend:

At Grogan Jewelers, we can help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Stop in today!

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