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Spring Statement Jewelry

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Mar 20, 2020 2:24:05 PM

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Spring has sprung, and women everywhere are rolling up their sleeves and showing off the new jewelry they got during the holidays. There's just something about coming out of the winter months and finally being able to style your jewelry again. It's also a great time to take a look at your collection and figure out what may be missing.

Timeless Diamond Jewelry is Always a Statement

You can never go wrong with timeless diamond jewelry. Diamonds have remained the most sought-after gemstone throughout the ages, even as others have had their time to shine and then faded. Here are some ideas for timeless diamond jewelry staples that every woman could use on hand.

Diamond Necklaces

A beautiful diamond necklace provides a great focal point, mesmerizing those around you. Craftsmanship is an especially important thing to consider when choosing a diamond necklace! You want a necklace that leaves an impression because of the attention to detail and artisanship that went into it.

Diamond necklaces can provide a delicate touch of classiness to any outfit, or can provide a loud statement at special events where you want to stand out. You can personally design the necklace of your dreams using our custom jewelry design expertise, or choose from our large selection of diamond necklaces to find the one that speaks to you.

Diamond Earrings

This principal form of jewelry not only serves as polished decoration but traditionally, diamond earrings were seen as a talisman- an object believed to hold magical properties that bring good luck to the wearer. In some cultures, large diamond earrings show status, and throughout the world, they are a way for a woman to express her identity, beauty, and style. They are also an incredible accent to any woman's face, drawing the eyes of onlookers to the beauty of her facial features.

When choosing diamond earrings, rarity is important, as is versatility. They can add a polished feel to any outfit you choose, whether it's a simple shirt with jeans or a sensual dress worn to a special occasion.

Diamond Bracelets

Think about this for a second - nearly every female celebrity appears in tabloids with a simple diamond bracelet gently hanging from her wrist. Why? Because it's a subtle way to show class and dress up an outfit without a loud statement. They are versatile and timeless. They are sort of a relaxed expression of simple beauty. Browse our diamond bracelet collection to gather inspiration or find the diamond bracelet that appears to be missing from your personal collection.

Whether you're searching for jewelry to complement your collection or are searching for a piece for a specific occasion, we have a variety of jewelry for you to browse through. Contact us if you have an idea of what you're looking for, and we can help!