Need a Last-Minute Christmas Gift for Your Wife?

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Dec 20, 2019 3:07:00 PM

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With all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it can become all too easy to forget buying a gift for the most important woman in your life- your wife! It's not because you don't care, because obviously, you do (you DID marry her!). Sometimes the time just gets away from you, but she doesn't have to know that.

Prep Work for Last Minute Shopping

Shopping for your wife may be difficult to begin with, but shopping last minute can be even more difficult! There are so many things to choose from, but buying something for her that means more - that's priceless. To make it easy for you, we'll provide a few options you can choose from that say, "You mean more to me than anything else."

But first, you'll want to ask yourself these questions to ensure you're on the right track:

  • Are her ears pierced? If so, what types does she typically like to wear- studs, hoops, or dangling earrings?
  • Does she like to wear bracelets? If so, what kind of bracelet could be a great addition to her collection?
  • Does she enjoy wearing necklaces? If so, does she like them simple or intricate?
  • Does she like to wear rings beside her engagement ring and wedding band? If so, would she appreciate a custom made ring to add to her collection?


There's nothing quite like earrings that make a woman feel beautiful. They are the perfect addition to dress up any outfit. There is a huge range of earrings available—from studs to hoops, diamonds to sapphires, you'll be able find something that matches her style perfectly. 


Bracelets are almost like a delicacy. They're the cherry on top when it comes to a woman's outfit. Not every woman likes bracelets, but there are many styles available for those who do. 


Giving a woman a necklace makes her feel like you've crowned her queen. It can be a statement piece or a gentle kiss of a piece upon her neck. Here are a few necklaces we suggest getting your wife for Christmas.


The beauty of rings is that they tell a story. An engagement ring with a wedding band tells a story of commitment. Other rings can tell stories too, but what stories they tell is up to you! Here are a few rings we suggest getting your wife for Christmas:

Diamond Eternity Band

North Star Ring

Need More Ideas?

At Grogan Jewelers, we have a vast collection for you to choose from for your wife. Browse our collections online, or come visit us in one of our stores and we'll help you find just the right gift for the special woman in your life!