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What to Know Before Resizing Your Ring

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Jan 8, 2020 5:11:00 PM

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Almost everyone has to get their ring resized at some point, so don't feel guilty if you need your ring resized! You're not alone, and it's actually much easier than you may think. Typical situations people find themselves in when they need a ring resized include when they receive a ring (either from an engagement or an heirloom) that didn't fit to begin with, or their fingers have gotten bigger or smaller over the years, or they simply want to wear the ring on a different finger. Whatever your reason for needing your ring resized, there are a few things you need to know.

How to Prepare for Resizing

Get Your Finger Sized

You'll definitely want to make sure your ring does actually need resizing. There is no such thing as a perfect fit, but there is such a thing as an ideal fit. When you come into Grogan Jewelers, we can make sure that you get your finger sized for the ideal fit. The ideal fit usually means that the ring fits snugly enough to stay put and is loose enough to get past your knuckle with no more than a gentle pull.

You may not be aware of this, but your fingers expand and contract ever so slightly depending on the time of day, weather, eating habits, hormone or blood pressure fluctuations, and other such things. So you'll want to take note of how your ring fits in different situations before you decide to go through the process of resizing.

Check if Your Ring Can Be Resized

Not all rings can be resized, depending on what material they are made of. For a ring to be resized, it must be made of a metal like gold, silver, or platinum.

Another thing to consider is that rings typically can't be resized more than two sizes up or down. This is usually because there must be enough metal for the jewelers to work with and dependent on the ring design. Jewel settings and engravings make it more difficult to resize. The easiest types of rings to resize are plain bands. Eternity bands with jewels all around tend to be the most difficult and more expensive rings to resize and you may not get the aesthetic you were hoping for.

Because of various factors, it's important to talk to a jeweler to see if your ring can be resized and knowing your sizing options before you make a decision.

Understand Timelines and Costs Involved with Ring Resizing

Many rings can be resized within minutes, but ultimately it depends on the complexity of your ring and what materials are needed to make the changes. When you talk with one of our jewelers, we can let you know a timeline specific to your ring.

Costs are relatively inexpensive. Don't worry about paying close to what you paid for your ring, because that's highly unlikely. You are, however, looking at paying at least $50 for a resizing, but not likely more than $100 (ring type depending). The more complicated the resizing is, the more you're likely to spend on it.

Are you looking to get your ring resized? Learn more about our jewelry repair or come on in to get your ring resized the same day.