Best Jewelry for Mom [Christmas Gifts She Actually Wants]

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Dec 13, 2019 8:30:00 AM

Remember when you used to hand-make all Mom's gifts? Hand prints, drawings, macaroni necklaces -- if you think about it, you've probably given her dozens of gifts over the years. And, no doubt she loved them all. 

As an adult, though, it can be a little harder to shop for mom, and to find her meaningful gifts that show you care (and that she actually wants!) When you're at a point in your life when you can spend money on her, jewelry makes an amazing gift. 

How to Shop for Jewelry for Mom

One of the first things you should do before you start shopping for the perfect piece is to settle on a budget. This limits your options in a good way. After all, there are tons of options out there, and a price cap helps you stay more focused. 

Next, you'll want to do a little bit of thinking (and possibly ask for help or do some detective work) to figure out some specifics about what she might like. Easy things like platinum or white gold versus yellow gold, or which type (earrings, necklaces, or rings) she's more likely to wear. 

As we often say, the key is to consider what she already wears in order to determine what she'll like. If she doesn't wear a lot of jewelry, she might prefer something small and understated. And, if she never wears earrings, you should probably not go that route, just to play it safe. 

The easiest way to find the perfect gift is to get assistance from a professional jeweler, like Grogan! They have the knowledge and experience to help you narrow down your options to find something that matches your mom's personality and style. 

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Mom

Here are a few of our favorite ideas for moms. 


A simple pendant or a small diamond (or another gemstone) are budget-friendly options that also happen to be classic and pretty universal. 

In addition to being versatile pieces of jewelry, necklaces can also represent your love and appreciation and her personality. For instance, you can find a pendant that represents something about her, like a shape or color she likes. Or, you could pick your birthstone so that she'll always remember that she loves you best (wink)!

Here are a few beautiful necklaces for inspiration:

Diamond Necklaces

Gemstone Necklaces


Do you want more of a personal touch? Consider a custom-made design


Like necklaces, earrings can be an affordable yet beautiful way to show Mom you care. Options range from simple diamond studs to delicate hoops to dangly gems or shapes. 

Knowing whether your mom likes wearing earrings (and, especially, if she wears studs, hoops, or drops) can help you narrow the field. The ideas we discussed above also apply here; namely shopping for her personality, finding a pair that represents something special, or even just going for something classic, like gemstone studs. 

Here are a few earring types for inspiration:

Diamond Earrings

Gemstone Earrings

Pearl Earrings

Metal Earrings

Want some more ideas to make Mom's holidays extra special? We have the perfect gift for her, and everyone else on your list! Stop in to Grogan Jewelers today.