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Is Jewelry a Good Investment?

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Apr 20, 2022 11:56:00 AM

There are many different investment opportunities that come with their own risk and reward characteristics, including the stock market, fine art, and real estate.

While some investments may be more glamorous than others, investing in things that have lasting value is the most time-honored way to either preserve or create wealth.

Jewelry can be a fantastic investment too, and here’s why

Aside from your grandmother’s costume jewelry, or so called “fashion” jewelry, antique, vintage, or fine pieces of jewelry generally appreciate in value with time, or are made out of elements that are so valuable in themselves that they still hold their value even, even if their charm has worn off.

What Makes a Piece of Jewelry a Potentially Good Investment?

The value of your piece or pieces of investment jewelry are contingent on many factors:

  • The age of the piece

  • The condition of the piece

  • The quality of the materials used in the piece

  • The quality of the craftsmanship

  • The reputation of the brand/designer

  • The scarcity of the piece

  • The rarity or scarcity of the materials used

  • Current trends or demand for similar pieces

Perhaps the single most important reason that jewelry is a good investment, is the fact that fine jewelry is made from precious metals, precious stones, or semi-precious stones.

By nature, these components are valuable. They never lose value, retain their value in all countries, across all cultures and locations, and new uses are being found for them each day.

That’s why it’s important to have jewelry that you intend on utilizing for investment purposes, inspected and appraised to ensure that you are getting a quality piece that will retain its value and appreciate over time.

Empower your jewelry investment decision.

Buyer beware, as the saying goes—and that also applies to jewelry. Since precious metals and stones don’t lose their value, the risk with jewelry investment is more likely to come from a piece being misrepresented, or from the buyer not taking the time to educate themselves prior to purchase.

Don’t just take the seller’s word for it, take the time to properly educate yourself about fine jewelry, jewelry prices, insurance, and other components necessary that will enable you to make a wise investment.

This can include self-education, or by working with reputable, experienced jewelers and other jewelry professionals.

Should you wear it?

Another question that often comes up during a jewelry investment conversation is “should I wear it?”

If you are investing in jewelry, then most likely you already have an eye for its beauty. Whether it’s a watch, a necklace, a bracelet, or anything in between, having an affinity for the jewelry you are purchasing is important.

Whether it’s vintage or a contemporary piece, there’s no rule dictating that you can’t wear or display your jewelry, even if it’s an investment piece. Of course that means you might be taking a risk that it might get lost, broken (or even stolen, but that’s an entirely different conversation!).

In conclusion, take into consideration how and where and how often you should wear your investment pieces, but also remember that beautiful things are meant to be enjoyed, and admired!

What if a piece of jewelry is damaged or in need of care?

Just because a vintage (or even newer) piece of jewelry might have seen better days, doesn’t mean that it’s not a good investment. Damaged pieces, pieces with missing components, or those that are oxidized or have other blemishes from the passage of time or use can be repaired, rehabilitated, or cleaned to bring them back to their original glory!

And if their original glory isn’t feasible or desirable, a passionate, experienced jeweler can take the good pieces or components of a particular piece of jewelry and make them into something unique and new!

Custom jewelry design often incorporates something old, something new, and borrowed too. If you have an older, broken or just passe piece of jewelry, a custom designed piece can take advantage of the good, and make it even better.

Not only as an investment, but as simply a beautiful piece too.

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