How to Create Custom Jewelry

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Aug 10, 2021 10:54:12 AM

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In the age of rejoicing in self-expression, custom jewelry has seen a rise in popularity. Whether it be a custom engagement ring, a custom pendant for a parent, or a custom set of earrings that you can visualize but have yet to find -- we can make it! However, many people in the market for custom jewelry are unsure of what the process will look like.

Step 1. Dream

This first step is simultaneously the easiest and the most challenging part of the entire process: conceptualization! All you will need to do is gather all the specific characteristics and inspirations behind your custom jewelry dream and bring them to us. That can look like a Pinterest board collection, a collage of magazine cut-outs, or even a smattering of words and feelings.

The most significant speed bump in this step is that you might think you need to know every detail of how you want your custom jewelry piece to look. Thankfully, that’s not the case! You don’t need to know anything about gem shapes, jewelry design, or similar. All you need is a general idea, and we can take it from there. We’ll iron out all the details in the following steps to make sure we’re bringing that dream to reality.

Step 2. Design

After we’ve nailed down the general idea of your design, our team will create a rough sketch that illuminates all the features we talked about in the first step. This will be a quick way to show you how we can embody the characteristics that you are looking for and will consist of a few different sketches for you to choose from. We will also use this step to talk about stone sizes, desired metals, dimensions, and proportions to achieve your desired look.

Step 3. Refine

Once you have chosen a sketch and have expressed any comments or concerns that you may have, we dive right into refining the final design for you. We will use this step to ensure that the design reflects proper structural integrity and durability, as well as fitting into your desired budget. We will then translate the design into a 3D computer-aided design (CAD) which allows you to see the fully realized design from every angle. Once you have approved the final design, it’s time to get the pedal to the metal.

Step 4. Construct

Using the CAD model from the previous step, we will create the cast into which we will be pouring the molten metal to produce the base of your custom jewelry. After casting the piece in your desired metal, we then hand-set every precious stone and add any post-casted design details by hand. Finally, we top this step off with a healthy polish and shine.

Step 5. Enjoy

Your gorgeous custom jewelry piece is ready to go! You can show us just how gorgeous your new custom jewelry looks on you by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook.

Things to Know About Custom Jewelry and Design

Jewelry is a powerful way to express your individuality, especially custom jewelry. When you design a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, you're making a real statement. As you consider designing custom jewelry, we encourage you to think about the following.

Be Direct with Your Preferences

There is a wide array of options available out there, so you'll want to narrow down what you're looking for. We suggest making a Pinterest board or physical vision board of your ideas and then narrowing it down from there. If you already have a piece of jewelry that you want to customize (such as a family heirloom), then you're already a step ahead in direction. You'll want to nail down your preference for metals, hues, gemstones, unique design features, and gemstone placement. Maybe you're hoping to incorporate an engraving, and if that's the case, you'll want to nail down the specifics of that as well.

Maybe you're looking to add a flair of your culture. We've seen people from a Greek heritage opt for interwoven rings for weddings because their culture has historically had a preference for such. Or Scottish customers look to incorporate a Celtic knot. Little bits of the cultural character is a sweet way to acknowledge your family history.

Whether you know exactly what you want your custom jewelry to look like or not, our jewelers can help you through the process. We can take your preferences and vision and make it a reality!

Let Your Creative Juices Flow

One example of where we see the creative juices flow the most is when it comes to heirloom jewelry. Maybe your grandmother passed a ring down to you that is beautiful, but it is too outdated for you to wear as it is. These are pieces that you want to redesign with timelessness in mind. Modernize it however you'd like!

We've seen people take elements of rings and repurpose them as stunning bracelets, earrings, or necklaces. We've seen people utilize the gemstones but replace the metal and overall design to be more modern and timeless, as well as fitting for their style. The possibilities are endless, which is why we encourage you to do some research and let those creative juices flow.

The Possibilities are Endless with Custom Jewelry

We encourage you to dream big when designing your custom jewelry. Worst case scenario, your design may need to be adapted by a jeweler depending on what is physically possible to do. Best case scenario, you get a beautiful custom piece of jewelry that you can treasure forever and pass down through the generations.

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