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Accessorizing on Your Wedding Day

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Feb 13, 2023 1:55:31 PM

As your big day approaches, both excitement and stress will build. Your to-do list seems never-ending—every time you cross something off your list, it seems as though you add two more things to it. While this can be overwhelming, we promise everything will fall into place! It’s important to take a step back and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime process. Take a break, and tackle something fun off of your to-do list: selecting your wedding day jewelry. 

While your ring and dress will be the focal point of your day, well-selected accessories and jewelry will give your look its finishing touches. We highly recommend selecting your wedding dress before shopping for your jewelry, as the neckline and style of your dress will determine which pieces will be the best addition. We have put together a wedding day jewelry guide for you, based on the style of your dress. 

V-Neckline Wedding Dress

A V-shaped neckline is both formal and sexy. It creates a sophisticated look with a sensual statement. The V-neckline also elongates your torso, making you appear taller. You are sure to look gorgeous in this dress! If you choose a V-neck, you’ll want the perfect jewelry to finish your look.

Necklaces for a V-Shaped Neckline

For V-necklines, we recommend a longer pendant necklace. The long pendant will also create a V-shape, which will accentuate your look. Grogan Jewelers has a gorgeous diamond bar pendant necklace that we cannot get enough of. Consider a layered pendant necklace if you want to add some flair to your sophisticated look. This will add some depth and detail that will let your personality shine.

Earrings for a V-Shaped Neckline

As we said before, the V-neckline elongates your body. To complete that look, we recommend drop earrings. Like the neckline, drop earrings are classy and gorgeous. We recommend looking at frameless drop earrings. This set of earrings is simple and elegant and will be the perfect addition to your big day. If you want a bit more personality to your earrings, consider chandelier drop earrings. This will add some dazzle while still complementing your dress perfectly. We love the Lafonn Chandelier Earrings. This extravagant set will definitely make a statement on your big day.

Sweetheart Neckline Wedding Dress

You cannot go wrong with a sweetheart neckline! The top of this dress makes the shape of a heart–hence the name. This flattering cut will make your girls look excellent on your big day. If you have a sweetheart neckline, here are our suggestions for jewelry.

Necklaces for a Sweetheart Neckline

As far as a necklace, we recommend keeping it simple. The cut of the dress is so flattering that a beautifully simple piece will be the perfect complement. Try to make sure the necklace falls a few inches above the neckline, so you’re not overcrowding or taking away from the shape of the dress. If we had to pick, we would say a simple gold or silver princess-length (17-19 inches) chain, with a small drop. Our favorite is the Diamond Pave Circle Necklace. This necklace is simple, elegant, and sure to complete your wedding day look.

Earrings for a Sweetheart Neckline

When selecting your earrings, you have quite a bit of freedom with the sweetheart neckline, but we highly recommend matching your earrings to your necklace. Because there is no fabric over your shoulders or chest, there is nothing to take away from your jewelry choices. If you have a soft drop necklace, choose soft drop earrings. If you choose a simple diamond necklace, choose simple diamond earrings. We love these linear drop diamond earrings. They are simple, elegant, and sure to enhance your look on your big day!

Halter Neckline Wedding Dress

A halter neckline dress has straps that connect behind your neck, generally leaving your back mostly bare. This neckline is a great option for all body types. For bustier brides, it can make you feel secure and gorgeous, and for petite brides, it can add shape. Halter necklines are known to show off your shoulders and upper body. No matter your body type, we know you look stunning in your dress!

Necklaces for Halter Necklines

Finding a necklace to pair with a halter neckline can be tricky. Because the dress connects behind your neck, halters typically do not need a necklace. If you have your heart set on a necklace, we have two styles that will work well: a choker or a pendant. A choker necklace will be a stunning choice because it will draw attention to your face. We are obsessed with the 7 Symbols of Joy necklace. A pendant will be a beautiful choice if your halter neckline creates a low enough V shape. The Diamond Lovebright Pendant would be gorgeous with a halter neckline.

Earrings for Halter Necklines

Because you may or may not have a necklace with your halter dress, you have some freedom with the style of earrings you wear. You can wear larger earrings without taking away from your dress. We recommend larger dangling diamonds or bold stud earrings. If you are wearing your hair up, consider the Tier Drop Earrings or these Double Loop Diamond Earrings.

If you’re going to go with studs, we have a couple of recommendations. If you want to incorporate a pop of tasteful color in your jewelry, consider these Oval Cut Diamond Earrings. They offer this earring style with different gemstones, including Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, and more. Depending on your birthstone or your wedding colors, this could be a fun way to accessorize your dress. If you want a more traditional pair of stud earrings, consider a pair of halo-style diamond earrings. The halo style will make the diamonds appear larger, which will perfectly complement the halter neckline.

Straight Neckline Wedding Dress

A straight neckline is a beautifully simple dress. As it sounds, the top of the dress goes straight across the bust line. A straight neckline is the dream dress for jewelry lovers! Because this dress has an uncomplicated top, this leaves room for lots of freedom when choosing your accessory pieces.

Necklaces for Straight Necklines

You have tons of freedom when selecting a necklace for a straight-neckline dress. Your simple neckline allows you to choose large, flashy pieces without detracting from your dress. You can choose elaborate statement pieces with confidence. We love the Diamond Pave-Crescent Necklace sold at Grogan Jewelers. This piece is elegant, bright, and fun. 

Earrings for Straight Necklines

Again, the simple neckline allows you to go all-out with your jewelry. However, consider more simple earrings if you choose a large, elaborate necklace. If you choose a simple drop necklace, you can go big with your earrings. You will want to accessorize your simple neckline without going over the top. 

Strapless Wedding Dress

The top of a strapless dress will usually come in either a sweetheart cut or a straight-cut neckline. We are including this as a separate section because the lack of straps leaves more bare skin than a typical sweetheart or straight-cut neckline. Because of the extra space you have, we recommend slightly different jewelry choices.

Necklaces for Strapless Dresses

A strapless dress is perfect for a bold necklace. A large, sparkly piece will beautifully accent your dress. Because your chest will be bare, you have plenty of skin and space to work with. As a general rule, make sure your necklace falls about halfway above your neckline. We love the Diamond Smile Necklace and the Shy Creation Diamond Necklace. Both choices are sold at Grogan Jewelers and will add the sparkle and pizazz you need to complete your wedding day look. 

Earrings for Strapless Dresses

Because a strapless dress leaves room for a large, elegant necklace, we recommend going with simple earrings. Diamond studs or diamond huggie earrings will be the perfect combination! Grogan Jewelers has a wide variety of diamond studs, from traditional diamond studs to pear shape studs. They also have beautiful small diamond hoops, also called huggies. If you want something more intricate than studs, huggies would be a fantastic choice to complement your strapless dress and large diamond necklace.

High or Illusion Neckline Wedding Dresses

High necklines are dresses where the fabric goes up to the base of your neck. An illusion neckline has sheer fabric that covers your chest from your bust to the base of your neck. These dresses are elegant and classy, and it is important to accessorize them as such. Because the fabric covers your chest, we recommend skipping a necklace. An illusion dress is a statement of its own, and you don’t want to detract from that detailing. Here are our recommendations for high and illusion necklines.

Earrings for High or Illusion Necklines

Depending on the look you’re going for, there are a few earring options. If you want a simple, elegant look, don’t go super flashy with your earrings. Choose an elegant stud or drop earring to complete your sophisticated look. On the other hand, because you are skipping the necklace, you can go with a bold earring choice. We think the White Gold Diamond Pave earrings perfectly combine elegance and boldness. The drop diamonds will add the perfect amount of sparkle to complete your look.


A bracelet can be worn with any dress style. The right sparkle on your arm will complete your bridal look and tie your outfit together. You could go with a simple diamond tennis bracelet or a flashy gold diamond bangle bracelet. Whatever you choose, be sure to wear your bracelet on your right hand. You will want your wedding ring, on your left hand, to be the focal point. Many people will ask to see your ring, and your photographer will take lots of pictures of you and your new husband holding hands. You want the ring to stand out and not be overshadowed by a large, flashy bracelet on your wrist.

Other Considerations

Hopefully, at this point, you have a solid understanding of your dress, and which accessory pieces will be the best fit. Here are a few more tips to consider.

Match your Metals

Just like men should match their shoes and belts, we ladies should match our metals. If you’re going with white gold and diamonds, that should be the choice for your necklace, earrings, and bracelet. If you’re going with elegant pearls, all of your jewelry should have pearls. It will be distracting if you have diamond stud earrings, a pearl necklace, and a gemstone bracelet. Further, consider the color, beading, and fabric of your dress. If your dress has beading, that will direct you as to which metal to wear. If your dress has a pink hue, rose gold pieces will look great, and if your dress is ivory or champagne in color, you might want to consider yellow gold jewelry. Be sure to select pieces that complement the style of your dress. 

Consider your Something Blue

The saying, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe” is meant to bring the bride good luck. If you plan to incorporate the saying into your big day, a fun way to add a pop of color to your look is to have “something blue” in your jewelry choice. A pop of blue in your bracelet is a great way to go! You could select this subtle, small sapphire stone in your bracelet or embrace the pops of blue in this gorgeous Diamond and Blue Sapphire Yellow Gold piece.

Time of your Wedding

When selecting your jewelry, consider what time of day your ceremony will be held. If you are doing an 11 AM ceremony with a brunch to follow, dripping in diamonds may not be the right fit for your wedding. Pearls, such as these gorgeous pearl drop earrings, may be a better fit for a morning ceremony. If you are having an evening wedding and you’re looking for a party vibe with a roaring reception, then diamonds would be a great choice! Obviously, if you have your heart set on a specific stone, go with your gut. You should feel happy, confident, and proud of your choices!

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