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Nashville's Finest Custom Jewelry for Your Wedding Party

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Oct 18, 2023 4:59:03 PM

Weddings are a breathtaking tableau of love and celebration where nature and human creativity converge seamlessly. The happy couple and their loved ones share in traditions of dance, food, joy, and gifts, creating an enchanting atmosphere that perfectly encapsulates the love and unity being celebrated, making it a day no one will forget.

After all, weddings and their festivities aren't just about a single night of enjoyment—they symbolize the start of a lifelong journey for two individuals, surrounded by their loved ones who are there to support and celebrate their future together throughout their married life. What better way to commemorate the celebratory evening than with custom bridal party gifts for the people you love and custom jewelry for the bride and groom that they can cherish forever alongside the memory of the night? 

Keep reading to learn more about what Nashville’s jewelry market has to offer and what custom jewelry pieces you should consider for your wedding party. 

A Special Night For All: Factors to Consider When Choosing Bridal Party Gifts

It's customary to give gifts to the wedding party. However, amidst the various wedding planning stresses, deciding on appropriate gifts can bring about unnecessary additional pressure. Beyond everything, to turn an unforgettable night into a gift, the gift itself should be equally memorable and timeless. The most timeless gift is that of jewelry. After all, jewelry has a rich history. 

The earliest known evidence of jewelry dates back around 150,000 years, when our ancestors wore jewelry in reflection of their identities and to represent the unity of the different members in a singular group. Jewelry continues to be worn for similar purposes—to express personal style and to symbolize collective identities, whether that signifies status or unity. In the case of weddings, it's tradition to form a unity between two individuals by exchanging rings, but what about the other individuals that are a part of the unity? After all, weddings are also about the families and friends that support the couple.

A Dutch e-commerce company, Vistaprint, had OnePoll survey 2,000 Americans to determine whether gift receivers prefer personalized gifts to generic gifts. This survey revealed that nearly every type of generic gift is perceived as less “heartfelt” and “personalized” than custom gifts. Also, according to a 2022 research study performed by The Knot, 62% of wedding party respondents purchased personalized gifts for their wedding party to make more personalized experiences that the guests and crew can forever cherish. 

While custom jewelry gifts are meant to symbolize the evening, they should also be representative of the person it’s being given to. It’s important to have an idea of what you want and for whom.  

  1. Take into consideration the individual’s style
  2. Take into consideration the position in which the individual holds in your wedding (e.g. maid of honor, parents, etc.)
  3. Have an idea of your budget for everything, as well as a budget for each item. After all, the budget to get a gift for the maid of honor, best man, or parents may be larger than a guest. 

Popular Gifts To Give At Wedding Parties: Custom Jewelry Edition

To help you identify examples of jewelry that may fit each individual in the wedding party, we will present a few items and trends seen in weddings across the country.

Popular Gifts for the Bride

  1. Layered necklaces have become a prominent trend often observed adorning brides at weddings.
  2. Pearls, such as this pearl station necklace, are often seen in diverse styles of jewelry worn by brides on their wedding day.
  3. Jewelry resembling flowers or floral patterns, like this pair of floral diamond earrings, crafted in 10K white gold, are often seen in custom jewelry worn by brides.

An image of floral diamond earrings, which make great bridal party gifts.

Popular Gifts for the Groom

  1. Grooms are often seen wearing simple but thick metal chains, like this John Hardy classic 3.5mm chain necklace.
  2. Sterling silver cufflinks with stones are also relevant in the wedding scene as cufflinks start to take the stage once again. These blue lace agate stone cufflinks in sterling silver are a perfect example of popular cufflinks that grooms will look striking in.
  3. Leather banded watches, such as the Shinola Canfield sports watch, are popular among grooms due to their mixture of elegance and masculinity.

Popular Gifts for Bridesmaids

  1. Teardrop earrings, such as these Keith Jack trinity teardrop hook earrings, are a perfect gift to give bridesmaids. This is due to the versatility of the teardrop shape, allowing your bridesmaids to dress these earrings up for a fancy night out or dress them down for a casual day out in town. 
  2. Simple and elegant pendants with thin chains are also very prominent in the wedding scene as gifts for bridesmaids. Necklaces, like the Luv Me Sodalite adjustable heart necklace, are easy to wear with any outfit.
  3. Floral hair clips are also a popular type of jewelry that bridesmaids are often given as gifts.

Popular Gifts for Groomsmen

  1. Groomsmen frequently receive uncomplicated leather bracelets, like the sterling silver men's twisted cable leather bracelet, offering them versatile masculine jewelry that effortlessly complements any watch and suits various styles.
  2. Tag pendants are also prominent gifts to give to groomsmen. The LuvMyJewelry born drifter tag is a perfect example of a masculine tag pendant that your groomsmen can wear anywhere, anytime.
  3. Just like the groom, the groomsmen have also been spotted at various wedding parties wearing simple but thick chains just like this sterling silver 20” chain made by Royal Chain.

An image of a two groomsmen laughing at a Nashville wedding.

Popular Gifts for the Maid of Honor

  1. It’s very popular nowadays to give your maid of honor the gift of a birthstone necklace. For example, if your maid of honor was born in February, this 14K white 3 mm round amethyst youth birthstone necklace would be perfect for her! It symbolizes her existence and your immense gratitude for her presence during this pivotal and life-changing moment in your life.
  2. Bangle bracelets with custom carvings are also very prominent jewelry pieces to give to your maid of honor. 
  3. Classic tiny heart stud earrings are another central piece of jewelry given to the maid of honor to represent the bride's love for her. These Keith Jack Celtic heart post earrings present a timeless element to the timeless friendship that the two of you share.

Popular Gifts for the Best Man

  1. Just like the groom, it’s popular to give the best man a simple, elegant chain such as this 4kt 24" white gold box chain with a lobster clasp.
  2. Cross pendants are very popular as best man gifts. This Keith Jack Celtic diamond cross pendant is a perfect example. 
  3. Thick banded rings with stones are also popular gifts for the best man. This blue lace agate stone ring in sterling silver uses the same stone as the popular groom cufflinks. The coordinated use of this stone symbolizes the bond between the groom and the best man.

For Parents

  1. For your mother and soon-to-be mother-in-law, it’s traditional to give pendants representative of life. This sterling silver Tree of Life necklace beautifully symbolizes the life you and your spouse will create together, reflecting the nurturing and love you both received from your mothers. 
  2. For your father and soon-to-be father-in-law, it’s traditional to give useful gifts with functional purposes. For example, this beautifully crafted Willian Henry A300-1 knife is representative of the skills and talents you and your spouse were taught by your fathers. While he uses the knife he will be reminded that you and your spouse will forever cherish his lessons as they serve you in your new chapter of life.

How To Prepare For The Consultation & What To Expect

A significant aspect of commissioning personalized wedding party jewelry involves scheduling a consultation with the jeweler. Make sure when you are searching for a jeweler, you find a jeweler that:

  1. Will work with you and your needs/wants.
  2. Is close in proximity to where you live. For example, if you are in Nashville, find a Nashville jewelry store where you can speak to someone in person about your needs.   
  3. Has a consistent quality of work. This can be checked with written reviews, word-of-mouth, and product videos.

Before the consultation, it’s important to come prepared. This helps ensure that the final pieces align with your vision and preferences. Arriving at your appointment with a clear idea of what you want regarding design, materials, gemstones, or specific elements allows for a more productive discussion with the jeweler. 

To easily communicate your needs and wants to the jeweler, it’s important to research industry terminology. Jewelry terminology can be extensive, so narrowing down your search based on the terms that fit your needs is essential. For example, if you are looking to get a necklace or bracelet, it would be important to look into the different types of clasps and their functions, such as the lobster claw, toggle, barrel, spring ring, s-hook, and many others. Different claps are easier to utilize but may stand out more so than others. Deciding which claps to go for will be determined based on whether you prioritize a seamless look or an easy-to-use clasp. Another example is learning the different types of finishes for gemstones. 

While your jeweler will guide you, it is good to have an idea of what they are talking about. It’s also important to note that questions are encouraged within your consultation. If you have any before the consultation, jot them down and bring them in. Some good questions to ask about are:

  1. Ask about the maintenance options
  2. Ask about warranties
  3. Ask about packaging and presentation
  4. Ask about the modification process

If at any point you are unsure of what your jeweler says, don’t be afraid to ask, this will help you stay on the same page and ensure you are fully satisfied with the results. After all, the best results are achieved when you and your jeweler stay patient and encourage collaboration. 

Moreover, understanding your budget and timeline in advance can help tailor the design process to meet your needs effectively. Being well-prepared ensures that you can articulate your desires, ask informed questions, and collaborate effectively with the jeweler to create a unique, personalized piece that holds sentimental value and perfectly suits the occasion. 

To break down everything we’ve talked about, here is a checklist of things to come prepared with:

  • List of prioritizations and preferences
  • Reference images (if possible)
  • Measurements
  • Budget requirements
  • Allergies/Sensitivities
  • Event details
  • Timeline requirements 
  • Questions and concerns

Get The Most Out of Your Custom Jewelry With Grogan Jewelers

In the realm of wedding celebrations, custom jewelry for the wedding party stands as a timeless token of appreciation and a symbol of shared joy. These meticulously crafted pieces embody not only the artistry of skilled jewelers but also the unique connections between individuals. The journey of creating custom jewelry is a collaborative effort that echoes the sentiments of gratitude and love, encapsulating the essence of a momentous occasion. As you embark on this journey of crafting meaningful mementos, may the sparkle of these personalized jewels forever remind you of the love and camaraderie that unite the hearts of those who stand by your side on your special day. 

At Grogan Jewelers, our jewelers are dedicated artisans committed to transforming your vision into exquisite, one-of-a-kind pieces that narrate your unique story. Our passion for craftsmanship, attention to detail, and expertise in blending art with precious metals and gemstones ensure each creation surpasses expectations. We strive to capture the essence of your love, making your journey to forever an unforgettable and cherished experience. Contact us today for the best bridal party gifts in Nashville. experience.