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5 Reasons Why Men Prefer Custom Engagement Rings

Posted by Grogan Jewelers By Lon on Jan 12, 2022 5:16:00 PM

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Not only has the world of men’s wedding rings seen a huge influx of different inspired designs, materials, and kinds, but the demand for custom engagement rings for men has seen a massive increase, too.

It’s not hard to understand why so many men prefer custom engagement rings! Here are some of the top 5 reasons below.

1. They want their own personalized symbol of commitment.

In generations past, women were able to proudly display their betrothed status and enjoy their special gift, while men were forced to sit on the sidelines. Now, men are free to not only share in symbolizing the love that they have for their partner, but also enjoy something that’s special, unique to them, and given in love too! Now both partners get to experience the fun and meaning behind getting engaged, from proposal to the aisle!

2. Custom engagement rings fit their lifestyle.

Whether it’s a piece that they design with their partner, or it’s given as more of a surprise, a custom piece is more able to suit a man’s lifestyle than one that’s more traditional or mass-produced. The reason why? Who knows you better than you, or the love of your life? When you design a piece with your hobbies, interests, and occupation in mind, it’s much more likely to be one you can wear every day, and stand the test of time. When an engagement ring is comfortable to wear and durable in design, it can become a cherished part of your life in the years to come.

3. Custom engagement rings fit their personal style.

Love gold? Hate gold? Passionate about motorcycles, cars, hunting, or saving the environment? When you are a part of the design of your engagement ring, you can choose different elements and touches that can pay homage to, shout about, or elegantly reflect your passions and personality! Plus, you can have a piece designed that compliments how you like to dress, and the places you like to go, whether it’s a galvanizing conversation piece, or something subtle and minimalistic.

4. It’s not a tradition—it’s something entirely new.

Whether you enjoy bucking tradition or just like to blaze new trails, having a custom-designed engagement ring will appeal to both! It’s a great opportunity to do something new, and do it in a way that’s meaningful to the individual wearing the piece, and the love that it symbolizes too. Many people may be surprised to learn this, but even men’s wedding rings are a fairly new concept, so men’s engagement rings are open to design and interpretation.

5. The pre-made designs just aren’t quite what they are looking for.

Some men may still be on the fence about an engagement ring, and they may be even less inclined to want one if they aren’t inspired by what they’re seeing online or in stores. But when the option of having something custom-made comes up, this becomes the reason why many men jump on board. When they can choose the design, the material, stones, embellishments (or none of the above and keep it super simple!) it can become an entirely different experience.

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Men’s engagement rings are likely here to stay, and we are very excited about what the future holds in store for grooms! If you’re interested in having a custom piece created of your own, or just want to browse and find some inspiration, contact our team of experts.

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